Nam Tra My People in Quang Nam Proudly Bear President Ho Chi Minh's Last Name

Ho Van Ny, Ho Van Huan, Ho Thi Hoang, Ho Van Nai, whether they were women or men, farmers or revolutionary soldiers, old or young, they all took the surname "Ho" in the President Ho Chi Minh's name as their surname. To them, it shows the respect and gratitude of the Co, Ca Dong, Xe Dang, and Bh'noong people in the Nam Tra My region towards Uncle Ho.
August 03, 2023 | 11:54
Nam Tra My People in Quang Nam Proudly Bear President Ho Chi Minh's Last Name
Ho Van Ny in Tra Cang, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam burns incense for Uncle Ho and his ancestors on the full moon day.

Gratitude towards President Ho Chi Minh

At Ho Van Ny's house (Xe Dang ethnic group) in Tra Cang, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam, as usual, on the first and full moon days of every month, he goes to the garden to choose the largest and most beautiful grapefruit to bring into the house to put on the altar.

On the 2nd floor, the most solemn place is also where he worships President Ho Chi Minh and his ancestors. The white bust of Uncle Ho is solemnly placed in the middle and highest. Below are photos of his ancestors and family members who passed away.

Every month and every year, he pays tribute to Uncle Ho. Particularly on September 2, Ny will worship Uncle Ho like worshiping his relatives according to the custom of worshiping ancestors of the Vietnamese people.

In addition to his bust, in the room, there is also a portrait of him about more than two meters large. According to Ny, as soon as this house was completed, President Ho Chi Minh's photo was placed here.

Talking about the story of many people in Nam Tra My with Uncle Ho's surname, Ny said that the ancient Xe Dang people did not have surnames, only names.

People live in remote, high mountain areas, suffering from fierce wars. The lives of the people here are always hungry for rice, salt, with persistent diseases and outdated customs.

However, since following the Party, President Ho Chi Minh, Tra My people have a wise direction. Their life is increasingly prosperous, free, united and civilized.

Although they have not had the opportunity to meet Uncle Ho, only hearing about him, through the stories of officers and soldiers about his teachings, they have deep admiration and gratitude for President Ho.

They are always willing to do something in return. Therefore, the Tra My ethnic people took his surname.

Ho Van Huan (Nam Tra My, Quang Nam) took the surname Ho after his grandfather, because his grandfather previously did not have a surname. His grandfather followed the revolution and participated in the fight against French imperialism and American colonialism, and was given the surname Ho.

Huan's grandfather was awarded the Second Class Resistance Medal. Talking about his last name, Huan said, "I am proud to have the last name Ho."

Nam Tra My People in Quang Nam Proudly Bear President Ho Chi Minh's Last Name
Ho Van Nai told his children about the certificates of merit certifying the achievements of family members. Photo: Nguyen Hong.

Ho Van Nai is from the Xe Dang ethnic group. Although he was born at a later time, in 1980, while many people where he lived chose the surname Nguyen, Pham, and Tran, he still chose the surname Ho.

Nai said "I have the surname Ho from my grandparents. I am happy and proud to bear President Ho Chi Minh's surname.

At that time, there was no food to eat or clothes to wear. Since Uncle Ho take care of everything, this place has a school. In my hometown, hamlet 2, Tra Cam commune, there are many people with the surname Ho."

Love for President Ho Chi Minh

According to Le Minh Thang, head of the Department of ethnic groups of Nam Tra My district, the district consists of 10 communes with 3 main ethnic groups Bh'noong, Xe Dang and Ca Dong, accounting for 97% of the whole area.

Previously, people here did not have surnames, only names. After having President Ho Chi Minh, people took the surname Ho. Nam Tra My district has 85% of people with the surname Ho as they always love and respect Uncle Ho.

In the Nam Tra My ethnic group area, every house has a picture of Uncle Ho, houses with better conditions have statues of Uncle Ho.

There are also picture of Uncle Ho in simpler houses, because in the hearts of the people here, President Ho Chi Minh is indispensable.

The organization of meetings to mobilize people to study and follow Uncle Ho's moral example was integrated in the general activities and after-hours activities here.

Talking about the wishes of the people of Nam Tra My towards Uncle Ho, Ho Van Ny, former Chairman of Nam Tra My district, said that the people of Tra My had never met him, only knew him through stories and pictures.

"I had the opportunity to visit President Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum. The Nam Tra My ethnic group always strives to overcome poverty and get rich so that they can visit Uncle Ho in the near future," he said.

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