Safety Tips for Foreigners When Traveling to Vietnam

When in an unfamiliar place, better be safe than sorry!
Photo: Intrepid Travel
Photo: Intrepid Travel

With a bit of research and a few simple precautions, you can keep yourself as safe as possible while still making the most of your holiday. Our guide to staying safe abroad includes things to remember before you travel, what to be aware of while you are away and the steps to take if you are involved in an accident.

1. Buy travel insurance

Photo:  Insure Information
Photo: Insure Information

The chances are you will not be able to predict what might happen on the road. Therefore, travel insurance is one of the best ways to stay safe and ready in case of accidents and other mishaps.

To many people's surprise. travel insurance is inexpensive and companies that provide this service are available all over the world. However, tourists should take the time to research buying insurance from reputable companies

2. Buy health insurance

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Health insurance is essential whether you are at home or traveling. Keep a copy of your travel insurance handy in case of a medical emergency. Terms of coverage might vary from vendor to vendor, and so you must be aware of what your insurance offers.

To understand this, you need to contact your insurance company and discuss travel policies, making sure the terms of coverage remain valid even when traveling to another country.

Fully equipped with accident insurance along with medical insurance will help you a lot if an unforeseen accident occurs.

3. Prepare your medical records

Photo: The Hill
Photo: The Hill

When traveling in another country, identification documents, especially health certificates (for people with medical conditions) are very important.

Travelers with medical records and other personal information will make it easier for people to help them because these documents can help doctors and authorities provide the best care or treatment in the event of an accident.

4. Carry emergency contacts

Florida Risk Partners
Photo: Florida Risk Partners

In the worst case scenario that something bad may happen to tourists, people around can reach relatives or friends using the emergency contact.

When traveling to Vietnam, accidents can happen in remote areas and tourists are not conscious or able to communicate.

With the emergency contact, the authorities can understand how to help more easily, have more information of what the tourists need.

5. Prepare an international driver's license

It is illegal to drive without a valid license and insurance in most countries.

Safety Tips for Foreigners When Traveling to Vietnam
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You should check with the embassy of Vietnam in your country to find specific driver's license requirements. When you have an international driver's license, in the event of an accident, travelers will avoid complicated legal problems.

6. Prepare a first aid kit

When hiking, camping, or participating in other outdoor activities, a first aid kit is also very useful. Photo: Popsugar.

An emergency first aid kit is very important when traveling, especially for people traveling by car or motorbike.

If traveling in a group, visitors should also confirm with the tour guide that they are equipped with medical boxes and other emergency kits.

7. Cooperate with the police when needed

Instead of avoiding notifying the police, tourists should cooperate and actively interact with the authorities when having problems or accidents.

If you have any doubt whether you should contact the police when you are in trouble, it is better to be on the safe side and ask for help than to not ask and wish you had later.

Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam
Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam
Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam
Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam
Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam
Photo: Tour Booking Vietnam

The involvement of the police will help tourists understand and solve complex problems quickly.

8. Research the local laws

Ignorance can be dangerous when an accident occurs abroad, especially for independent travelers. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the basic laws related to traffic, alcohol, drugs, etc. This helps tourists avoid breaking the law while abroad.

Bottom line: Know the rules in your specific destination will help you feel more safe and risk-free when traveling to Vietnam. Research, ask questions, exercise caution!

Anything else you think is necessary for your safety in your Vietnam trip?

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