Surfing the clouds on Bach Ma Mountain Peak

On 20 kilometer road leading to Bach Ma Peak, Thua Thien Hue, visitors can indulge themselves in the stunning scenery of a “fairyland” created by mountains, streams, and clouds.
August 13, 2020 | 07:41
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Photo: VNExpress

The meandering road leading to Bach Ma Mountain which belongs to Bach Ma National Park, over 40 km from the city center of Hue.

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The undulating mountain ranges on Bach Ma Mountain. Photo: VNExpress

Bach Ma is the only primeval forest in Vietnam stretching from the sea to the Vietnam-Laos border. There are many deserted villas here where used to be resorts of French officers and Hue elites, according to VNExpress.

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A group of foreign tourists takes photos at Hai Vong Dai where travelers can catch a panoramic view of the Bach Ma area, Lang Co Bay and Truoi Lake. Photo: VNExpress
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Bach Ma Peak is shrouded in clouds at an altitude of 1,450 m. Photo: VNExpress
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Photo: VNExpress

In the rainy season (September - December), the trail skirting the stream is quite slippery, so travelers should pay close attention. It is advisable that visitors follow the instructions from experienced guides.

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The fungus in the forest. Photo: VNExpress

According to the statistics of the management of Bach Ma National Park, there are 332 kinds of fungi in the park.

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Bach Ma National Park covers a total area of ​​about 37,500 hectares, boasting diverse landscapes including mountains, forests, waterfalls, streams, and more than 2,300 species of plants, 1,700 species of animals. It is also host to numerous rare plants and animals that require protection consisting of red-shanked douc langurs, saolas, white pheasants, and agarwood.

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Photo: VNExpress

After leaving Hai Vong Dai, visitors can go further 5 kilometers to reach Ngu Ho Lake where owns crystalline water. Do Quyen waterfall is another not-to-be-missed destination which is 30 m high and is about an hour on foot from Ngu Ho Lake.

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Maple trees in Bach Ma National Park. Photo: VNExpress

From March to April, maple leaves change into red creating magnificent vista. The one-century old trees shade the French architectural villas in Bach Ma National Park.

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