Swiss Reporter Impressed with Vietnam's Outstanding Regional Position

Swiss reporter Alain Jourdan said that Vietnam is on the verge of becoming a key country at the center of the region that the world is looking towards.
May 17, 2024 | 23:02

Vietnam has never received such attention, reflected through the establishment and signing of economic deals and partnership agreements with foreign partners, according to an article highlighting Vietnam’s outstanding position in the region, VNA citied an article posted on the Tribune de Geneva newspaper by Alain Jourdan.

The author affirmed that a series of economic reforms initiated from 1986, along with globalization, have transformed Vietnam from one of the poor countries in the world to a middle-income country in just one generation.

Swiss Reporter Impressed with Vietnam's Outstanding Regional Position
At the National Conference on Foreign Affairs held in Hanoi on December 14, 2021, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong emphasised the determination to build and develop a modern Vietnamese diplomacy imbued with strong national identity – the “Vietnamese bamboo diplomacy”.

Vietnam attaches great importance to multilateral mechanisms and forums, as its foreign policy, built over the past decades, has looked towards becoming a friend of every country in the world, most specifically the agreements with the US and China in 2023.

It can be said that Vietnam is on track to become a key country at the heart of the region that the world is looking towards, the reporter wrote. He also shared more impressions with Vietnam's economic development situation, highlighting his expectation that the country will record the highest growth rate in Southeast Asia in 2024, at 6-6.5%.

Talking to VNA's reporters in Geneva, Jourdan further presented his thoughts about the country and people of Vietnam. In assessing the economic development achievements that Vietnam has achieved in recent years, Jourdan expressed his admiration for the process that Vietnam carried out to rebuild the country after the war in an extraordinary way.

This is an objective fact, proven by many studies. Vietnam has now risen from a poor country to become a globalized country. He believes that it is the resilient and future-oriented spirit of the Vietnamese people that has created this miracle. Jourdan commented, "I believe that the ability to look to the future, instead of ruminating on the country's past, is a strength."

Jourdan also shared his assessment about Vietnam’s bamboo diplomacy. He said that Vietnam shows ingenuity in managing its relations with major countries, and its hope to establish balanced relationships to increasingly demonstrate its role in the international arena and at multilateral forums. He emphasized that the world needs moderation. Besides, Jourdan also believes that the policy of strengthening relations with other countries helps reassure financial markets and therefore has the ability to attract investors.

The term “bamboo diplomacy” was coined by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong during a diplomatic conference in 2016 and reiterated at the first national conference on foreign affairs in 2021. During these meetings, the leader likened Vietnam’s foreign policy to bamboo, with strong roots, solid stems, and flexible branches.

In January, another Swiss journalist Guy Mettan highlighted Vietnam’s “bamboo diplomacy” and “Make in Vietnam” chip production efforts in an article published on online newspaper

Sharing the same idea, Argentina’s Equilibrium Global news website recently ran a story highlighting the unique values of Vietnam’s “Bamboo diplomacy” and the rising role of the Southeast Asian country in the world arena.

The journal commented that the “Bamboo diplomacy” of Vietnam shows the strategic balance in relations with world powers and the world based on the core principle of ensuring the national interest, independence, and self-reliance in external relations, which have been deeply ingrained in President Ho Chi Minh's diplomatic ideology.

The article added that the “Bamboo diplomacy” has elevated Vietnam's role in the international arena, helping the country maintain relations with world powers while ensuring national interests.

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