The Best Places To Visit In Asia In April

April is the best time for you to travel, and there are many interesting festivals that will happen during this month in Asia. Let's pack your luggage and visit these 7 best places in Asia in the article below.
April 06, 2022 | 16:25

April is a wonderful month for a trip to Asia since you have so many great choices. It’s still dry in southeast Asia, even if it’s extremely hot, and April is warm enough to visit China or some of the other places a bit farther from the equator, according to Price of Travel.

Enjoy a lovely time with friends and family to make sure that you get the best out of your Asian vacation in the month of April.

1. Thailand

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

There's no getting around the fact that it is extremely hot and muggy this time of year, especially in the northern and central parts of the country. The high temperatures in Bangkok and Chiang Mai average 95 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the hottest month of the year in those two cities. Temperatures on the southern coasts aren't much cooler with highs averaging around 90 to 91 degrees. Even at night, the temperatures rarely drop below 79 or 80 degrees.

The rain in April is low to moderate everywhere except the Andaman coast where the rainy season starts early. There, in Phuket and neighboring beaches, the towns see about 15 rainy days over the course of the month, making it fairly wet half half of the time. The rest of the country, however, averages just four to six rainy days with a few more on the eastern Gulf of Thailand coast.

If you're going to be in Thailand in April and a big water fight sounds fun, Chiang Mai is the place to be. It's the Songkran capital and for a week in the middle of the month, the entire city turns into one giant party.

The most obvious thing to do in April is join in on the Songkran festivities. If it sounds like a good time, grab some water guns from the vendors on the streets and join in on the party. If you're in Chiang Mai, you can walk the moat around the perimeter of the Old City. You'll see many restaurants and bars holding special events and participating in the action. In Bangkok, similar activities will be taking place. The biggest events occur on streets like Silom Road or Khaosan Road. People also gather outside the CentralWorld Shopping Complex.

If you're in Bangkok or Chiang Mai during other times of the month, check out the museums and temples. Bangkok is famous for the beautiful Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), which boasts an impressive reclining Buddha that's 50 feet tall and 150 feet long. The Grand Palace, where kings lived until 1925, is another Bangkok hotspot.

2. Indonesia

Photo: Hotels
Photo: Hotels

April signals the end of the rains that continue from November through March and mark the beginning of dry weather. As the various islands dry out, wildlife ventures out to play and the beaches welcome the sun worshippers. The day temperatures hover around 28°C and the weather is humid throughout the year. Normally, Indonesia receives around 8 hours of bright sunshine and the sea temperature is a comfortable 29°C, according to Travel Triangle.

The beginning of the dry weather season also sees an increase in the number of tourists. Since it is just the beginning of the tourist season, airfare and accommodation is relatively cheaper compared to other months. The weather also enables people to witness outstanding wildlife and superb natural beauty. There are various activities to try out in Indonesia in April like:

• Snorkeling and underwater diving

• Trekking around the beautiful coastline

• Eat street food – or any food for that matter

• Sunbathing and Surfing

Bali makes an excellent April destination—it's an island that has things to offer all year long and the fact that it gets a bit of rain during this time means it's much less crowded (yet still pleasant enough weather-wise to enjoy).

Another great thing about choosing Bali as part of an April itinerary is that it has better roads and infrastructure so if heavy rains do occur, they'll be less likely to flood the streets or take out the power. Businesses here are also more accustomed to tourists and have lots of rainy day activities and contingency plans in order.

Another decent choice is to head to Java, particularly the eastern portion of the island which gets less rain than the west. It will still be too muddy and wet to enjoy mountain climbs like Mt. Bromo but destinations like Surabaya and Lumpur have plenty of culture, art, food, and other forms of entertainment (much of which takes place indoors and out of the rain).

3. Vietnam

Photo: Time Out
Photo: Time Out

The weather in Vietnam is defined by the monsoon season. The southern summer monsoon brings rain to the two deltas and west-facing slopes. At the same time, the cold winter monsoon picks up moisture over the Gulf of Tonkin and dumps it along the central coast and the eastern edge of the central highlands, according to Rough Guides.

There are marked differences according to altitude and latitude; temperatures in the south of Vietnam remain calm all year round, while the north experiences distinct seasonal variations.

If you intend to see a bit of everything, you need to work around the regional weather differences. Overall, autumn/winter (September - December) and spring (March and April) are probably the most favorable seasons if you’re planning to cover the whole country.

To make your planning easier, this month-by-month guide to visiting Vietnam looks in detail at weather patterns and how these can affect any sightseeing plans, getting around, outdoor activities, and festivals taking place throughout the year. All this will help you to work out when is the best time to travel to Vietnam.

Temperatures in the north are rising as summer approaches, and some rain is not uncommon. But it’s still very pleasant and great for hiking, with spring flowers in full bloom making the region especially beautiful.

The center of Vietnam entices with blue skies and sunshine, so make for the charming town of Hoi An and the nearby beach of An Bang, and the broad sands at Da Nang. Further south, Nha Trang is at its best. Temperatures in the city of Hué are agreeable and the highlands experience great weather at this time.

There's a chance of some rain in southern Vietnam, but with mostly clear skies and temperatures hitting 31ºC it’s still great for sun worshippers on the south’s beautiful beaches.

4. Singapore

Photo: Straits Time
Photo: Straits Time

The best time to visit Singapore is anytime. The island nation experiences a warm, tropical climate year-round with daily highs in the 80s. And with a steady stream of business travelers, the city's hotels are seldom at a loss for occupants and maintain reasonable to high room rates. To avoid exorbitant prices, steer clear of popular events or national holidays like Chinese New Year. But keep in mind, rain is likely year-round.


If Singapore has a definable high season, this is it. Combine winter leisure travelers, the usual business traffic and numerous holiday festivals (Chinese New Year is the big one), and you'll find Singapore brimming with visitors. However, if you travel between November and January, you'll encounter the Northeast Monsoon season, which dumps plenty of rain on the city. November and December in particular see the highest precipitation, averaging 10 and 12 inches between the two months.

Many people consider late February to early April the best time to travel to Singapore. By visiting in these months, you’ll miss the heaviest rains of November, December, and January. You also won’t have to endure the hottest temperatures of May and June.

Firstly, finding affordable flights to Singapore is essential. Make Singapore a stopover, or pick the months with the cheapest flights. Try mid-February through May and book your tickets well in advance.

Accommodation is expensive all year round in Singapore. Again, make an effort to book accommodation in advance and during the shoulder or low seasons. Definitely avoid any major public holidays or events, such as the Singapore Grand Prix and Chinese New Year.

Flights and accommodation may peak from June to July, but if the aim of your trip is shopping, then these months will be the best for you. Time your visit during the Great Singapore Sale and you will find cheaper shopping.

5. The Maldives

Photo: CNN
Photo: CNN

The Maldives in April weather is just splendid. Considered to be one of the best months for visiting the Maldives, April blesses the island with magical weather, making it sunny enough for enjoying beach activities during the day and cool enough to spend one’s evenings out under the stars. The temperature ranges from 31 degrees to 27 degrees on average. The Maldives in April end and the following month sees a similar temperature.

A trip to the Maldives should neither be too long nor too short. If you’re planning to soak up the wonders of the Maldives in April 2022, a trip for 4 to 5 days will suffice. However, if you wish to experience the serenade of serenity that environs the gorgeous islands of Maldives, then feel free to plan a trip for more than a week because a blissful escape never harms anyone.

Since the weather is sunny during the day and a bit cool in the evening, here’s all you got to take for enjoying the most during your Maldives holidays in April.

• A sun hat and wayfarers

• Summer outfits

• Flip flops and comfy shoes

• Beachwear

• A good quality camera

• Essentials like medicines, suncream, and more

• An umbrella or raincoat

6. Malaysia

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The weather in Malaysia is hot and humid pretty much throughout the year. The weather in Malaysia in April is generally dry with interspersed tropical rain showers. The temperature in April ranges from 21 to 32 degrees celsius. You can enjoy a beach holiday in Malaysia throughout the year as the east and west coasts experience rainfall at alternate times of the year, according to Travel Triangle.

The month of April in Malaysia is comfortably sandwiched between the two wet seasons of the country. Hence, April would be a good time to pack your bags for Malaysia. Traveling through the country by road is a hassle-free and delightful experience due to a good and well-maintained network of roads.

The Petronas Twin Towers are one of the most iconic sights in the world that you can come across. Located in Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, they are the world’s tallest twin towers. They are built in a postmodern architectural style with Islamic motifs, to represent the Muslim majority in Malaysia.

A staple in Malaysia, Nasi Kandar meaning mixed rice is a must-try dish that people are served with a plate of rice and various toppings. Nasi Kandar is heavily influenced by Tamil dishes due to the presence of a high number of South Indian immigrants in the area. Common toppings include chicken, seafood, olra cabbage flavored with curry leaves and chili.

Taman Negara National Park has a steady stream of tourists in April. It features the world’s longest rope walkway bridge. The park boasts of gentile treks as well as long exertion treks, as long as 50 km. Nature lovers will love the wide range of flora and fauna in the park. You also come across an indigenous tribe called Orang Asli or The Original People who are understood to be the first inhabitants of Malaysia.

7. Nepal

Photo: TripAdvisor
Photo: TripAdvisor

April is perhaps the most popular month for travel in Nepal, with prime weather for outdoor adventures at any altitude. The most popular trekking routes are at their best and busiest—you'll need to book well in advance to secure your spot on the trail. While you won't have the country all to yourself, you'll find that this is the peak season for good reason.

Nepal sees enormous variation in weather between the plains of the Terai, the mid-hills where Kathmandu and Pokhara are located, and the high Himalayas. Most parts of Nepal are pretty hot in April, with the exception of settlements high in the mountains, but even these experience warm and sunny days. Kathmandu and Pokhara see temperatures into the 90s Fahrenheit. Rain is scarce in April, but winds (often filled with dust) pick up in the spring. The Terai can often be uncomfortably hot.

April (and October) see the most travelers in Nepal. While crowds are hardly a problem in most places around the country, popular trekking areas—the Everest and Annapurna regions especially—do see a steady stream of trekkers. The best lodges fill up fast at this time, and domestic flights and long-distance tourist buses should be booked as far in advance as possible. Many hotels charge a peak-season rate, which is higher than the low-season rate.

Trekking trails are at their best in April. Conditions are dry, views are clear (but not quite as reliable as in October), and daytime temperatures are warm even high in the mountains. Spring is the best time to tackle treks with high passes. While it's always a good idea to trek with a guide in Nepal, one of the advantages really shows at this time: they can help secure your accommodation on the busiest trails.

Treks in the high Himalaya and the rainshadow of the Himalaya (Mustang and Upper Dolpo) can be enjoyed comfortably in April. Temperatures will still be cold at night at higher altitudes, but daytime conditions are almost always sunny and warm.

Kathmandu, on the other hand, will be very hot and dusty in the build-up to monsoon. Head out to the hills, mountains, and rivers instead, where you'll enjoy cleaner air.

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