The Heartwarming Love Story Of Vietnamese - Ukrainian Couple Challenge All Hardships

Son and Sophia were in a distant relationship for a long time, but their love and understanding for each other kept their bond strong. The couple is living in Hanoi, but they still keep in touch with their friends and family in Ukraine and give them their best support, especially during the ongoing conflict.
March 11, 2022 | 16:41

A passionate love

30-year-old Phan Vu Son, a Hanoi resident, got married to 28-year-old Sophia, who was born in Ukraine. They have settled down in Vietnam for roughly four years after a long time living in Ukraine. The two have a lovely daughter named Alice, who is 10 months old.

Son and Sophia's little daughter, Alice. Photo: NVCC
Son and Sophia's little daughter, Alice. Photo courtesy of Son and Sophia.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Son met Sophia in his freshman year at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

“At that time, she was eager to learn the language and culture of Vietnam, so I offered to help her. We slowly grew closer. After nights talking on the phone, and a few dates, I realized this girl is the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life”, he said.

Photo: NVCC
Photo: NVCC

The couple had to go through many hardships to live together. After a short time dating, Son had to study for his master’s degree in Germany. After that, Sophia also went to Vietnam to begin her master's class. The time they spent together was short, and they were in a distant relationship for 2 – 3 years, which was a challenge for them.

“To me, she is a close friend, wife, and will always be there for me in my darkest time. Some of the memories that I remember most are our first meet, the trip to Europe, and our stories every night before bed”, Son said.

The family has been living in Vietnam for 4 years. Photo: NVCC
The family has been living in Vietnam for 4 years. Photo: NVCC

The couple decided to get married after 4 years of dating. At first, they were not supported by their family because of the cultural differences, but after a long time, they finally gave the couple their blessings and approval for marriage.

In the first year living in Vietnam, it took Son and Sophia a while to get used to their new life. Aside from work, Son often helps his wife out with all the house works and teaches little Alice.

Pray for Ukraine

Photo: NVCC
Photo: NVCC

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused severe damage to people living in Ukraine, both mentally and physically. Son and Sophia constantly update the news from TVs and social media, keep in touch with their friends and family that are currently stuck in the country.

“My wife and I care deeply for our families back in Ukraine and often call them to ask if they are okay. It shouldn’t have been a war in this modern time, and people there are suffering. Ukrainian only wish for peace,” he said.

Sharing with Thanh Nien newspaper, Sophia said, even though her husband is Vietnamese, she did not encounter any cultural differences even since they were together. She began to love Vietnam when she dated Son and got to learn more about this beautiful country.

Photo: NVCC
Photo: NVCC

“We always understand each other’s perspective and lifestyle, and we both look forwards to building our own little family. I have looked for a strong, reliable, and loving husband, and I found him”, she said.

Talking about the conflict in Ukraine, she said a lot of infrastructures were destroyed, buildings, schools, and hospitals were severely damaged. She could not stop crying when she saw the destruction of her country. Especially, she was worried for her family’s safety and health in Kyiv.

“All I hope that is Ukraine’s sky will be blue and peaceful again so that children can come to school, women can give birth in the hospitals, and my family can be safe,” she said.

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