The Most Beautiful Bridges In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a complicated network of rivers and streams, which is why the construction of bridges and roads is necessary for the development of the country. Many bridges are also used for sightseeing, and some of them become famous tourist destinations.
April 01, 2022 | 23:04

Let’s take a look at these mesmerizing and wonderful bridges that you can visit in Vietnam.

1. Long Bien Bridge

Photo: Hanoi1000
Photo: Hanoi1000

This is the first steel bridge across the Red River that was built by the French from 1899 to 1902 in Hanoi, with a length of 2500 meters and includes 19 spans and a stone path. In the 20th century, Long Bien Bridge was one of the four largest bridges in the world.

Everyone knows about Thang Long Bridge through movies, photos, and books when talking about the history of Hanoi. But only when you set foot on Long Bien bridge, you can fully feel the beauty and breadth of the old days through the historic architecture. It not only marked a historic event, but also a beautiful place for sightseeing in the city, especially at night.

After more than 100 years with decades of war, Long Bien Bridge was bombed many times by air attacks by the American army in 1967 and 1972; and many spans of the bridge were destroyed. The left spans still remaining today remind us of an unforgettable past. The bridge, hence, is not only a traffic construction, a nice architecture but also a living historical relic.

Today, Long Bien is only one of the five bridges crossing the Red river of Hanoi. However, it may be the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural, and cultural values. It is the only bridge in Hanoi where all the riders have to go on the left-hand side, where tourists can take a walk and taste mouthwatering desserts offered by street vendors, where Hanoians can buy fresh vegetables or fish for the dinner from the small afternoon market on the bridge.

2. Dragon Bridge

Photo: Gotadi
Photo: Gotadi

Officially operated in 2013, Dragon Bridge is now a famous tourist attraction in Da Nang, attracting many tourists to visit and admire this wonderful work. The bridge was designed and shaped like a giant dragon. This place is said to be most visited at night, when the lights are on, reflecting on the surface of the river to create a colorful painting under the illuminating sky.

Dragon Bridge, which was built across the Han river, helps people move easier from Da Nang city to other places such as Da Nang international airport and other tourist attractions. Dragon Bridge contributes to the development and popularity of Da Nang city. Bearing a unique shape and appearance, this bridge attracts many young travelers and aspiring photographers who are looking for something spectacular. At about 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, the dragon's mouth of the Dragon Bridge also performed an impressive fire and water spray for 5 minutes. Dragon Bridge is considered one of the 30 most impressive bridges in the world.

Dragon Bridge is 666m long, 37.5m wide across the Han River, and equipped with a lighting system of a total of 15,000 LED lights. The total project cost nearly VND 1.5 trillion (US$88 million), offering six lanes for vehicles and two lanes for pedestrians crossing the Han River.

From the city center, this modern bridge starts at the Le Dinh Duong/Bach Dang traffic circle. It forms the shortest link from the Da Nang International Airport to other main roads in the city and also offers a more direct route to the two most popular beaches of Danang – My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach on the eastern edge of the city.

3. Han River Bridge

Photo: Halo Travel
Photo: Halo Travel

When mentioned Han River Bridge, people will realize this famous tourist spot in Da Nang, as it was a unique design and architecture of Vietnamese architecture. This bridge is also a symbol of Da Nang, and many tourists come here just to see the bridge automatically rotate. It is also the pride of people living here.

Around 1 pm, the middle part of the bridge body will split in half, the girder will rotate 90 degrees around the axis and then lie along the flow of the Han River to make way for large ships to pass. About 4 hours later, it will return to normal to serve traffic running on the bridge.

Along with the rotation, the sparkling Han River Bridge under city lights at night is also what draws people’s attention. When the city lights up, Han River Bridge reflects its swings and the street lights on the water surface of Han River, creating a shimmering sight with dazzling colors that hooks everyone into it.

4. Nhat Tan Bridge

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Known as one of the seven bridges that cross the Red River, Nhat Tan Bridge is considered unique for its architecture, with the main structures consisting of 5 spans, 5 towers representing the 5 gates of Ha Noi. It also symbolizes the 5 peach petals of Nhat Tan peach village. From the above, the bridge looks like a strip of silk, becoming a highlight for the scenery of the romantic Red River Delta.

During the night, the Nhat Tan Bridge looks spellbinding and mesmerizing illuminated with 16.7 million colorful lights. A drive on this prolific bridge, especially during the night, will be a delightful experience. The Nhat Tan Bridge will not only provide panoramic views of the whole place but also make you feel as if you have entered a world of vivid colors.

5. My Thuan Bridge


Known as one of the most famous bridges in Vietnam, My Thuan Bridge crosses the Tien river, connecting Tien Giang and Vinh Long provinces. It was the first cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam, which was built in 1997, and operated in 2000. This was a cooperation project between experts, engineers, and workers of Australia and Vietnam. My Thuan Bridge has since become an iconic symbol and tourist destination of the Mekong River Delta.

My Thuan Bridge has the effect of connecting the road traffic route from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long, creating chances for the development of the area.

6. Phu My Bridge

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

Phu My Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge to be constructed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It forms a link to the outer ring road connecting southern Vietnam to the north. At 2km-long, the bridge will cross the Saigon River, connecting districts 7 and 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge will ease traffic problems and will link to national highway No.1.

The bridge is 1,946m long with a 27.5m-wide main deck. The bridge has a vertical clearance of 45m. It has four lanes on each side: two car and truck lanes, one motorcycle lane, and one for pedestrians.

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