Top Mekong Delta Tourist Spots to Visit in Spring

Take a look at famous destinations that offer the most signature experiences while traveling to the Mekong Delta of Vietnam this time of the year.
February 20, 2024 | 13:46

Vinh Trang Pagoda

(Photo: Y Thanh
(Photo: Y Thanh)

Vinh Trang Pagoda is located on Nguyen Trung Truc Street, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province. This is considered one of the most ancient and largest pagodas in the West. During Tet, this ancient pagoda usually welcomes more than tens of thousands of visitors.

At this destination, you can be submerged in the beautiful Vietnamese traditions during the Tet holiday. In the first days of the year (according to the Lunar calendar), the locals come to the temple to pray in the new year as a long-lasting custom. They offer incense and ask the gods to grant them their wishes of luck and fortune.

The ancient temple attracts many tourists, both local and abroad, because of its ancient features. The architect combines the beauty of Asian and European architecture. Window frames, hallways, and domes are built according to luxurious and noble Western architecture. Meanwhile, the worship architecture inside the pagoda bears bold Vietnamese traditions.

Exploring the pagoda will bring you more knowledge and appreciation of Vietnamese culture in the Mekong Delta. The interior space is built in the shape of the letter "Quoc" (country) with four compartments, namely the front hall, main hall, ancestral house, and back house.

Sa Dec Flower Village

(Photo: Minh Khuong)
(Photo: Minh Khuong)

Sa Dec flower village (Dong Thap Province) is a hot attraction before and during Tet holiday for many reasons. In the flower village area, there are many eco-tourism areas. They are called Happyland Hung Thy, Sa Nhien Garden, Rose Field, Tu Ton Rose Garden and many others. With colorful flowers, these gardens create a perfect background for taking photos, especially with Tet traditional clothes.

Local people and tourists come here not only to take photos but also to buy the most beautiful flowers at a good price. The last month of the lunar calendar is the time when flowers in Sa Dec are in full bloom. The village is always busy this time of the year to welcome people coming to buy flowers as offerings to deities and ancestors as well as home decorations for the Tet holiday.

The ticket price to enter the flower garden starts from 50,000 VND/person (about US $20.4).

Phuoc Dinh flower village

Top Mekong Delta Tourist Spots to Visit in Spring
(Photo: Vinh Long Province Online Information Channel)

Yellow apricot blossom is a symbol of Vietnamese springtime, especially in the Mekong Delta area. It is believed that this tree and the vibrant color of its flower will bring luck, wealth, and nobility to your home.

Phuoc Dinh village is considered as the "captain" of yellow apricot trees in Vinh Long Province. This is the home of many rare and precious apricot trees. Some of them are hundreds of years old, while some can be worth billions of Viet Nam Dong because of its size, structure and quality. This is an ideal place for taking photos for Tet holiday with a field of endless yellow apricot trees.

Floating market in Tay Do area

(Photo: Viettravel)
(Photo: Viettravel)

The Vietnamese-styled floating market is a must-visit destination in the Mekong Delta. Enjoying a day in the floating market will help you see the most typical characteristics of the culture of the Western region of Vietnam. Can Tho - which is known as Tay Do land - holds many famous river markets such as Cai Rang floating market, and Phong Dien floating market.

Especially on spring days, the yellow color of flowers, the green color of watermelon, and the white color of country cakes create a vivid picture. The floating market is especially busy this time of the year, which is a great opportunity for curious minds to take a closer look at the local lifestyle.

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