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U.S. Citizens whose spouse is an immigrant are blocked from getting Stimulus Checks

April 24, 2020 | 17:14

Trump blocks stimulus funding for millions of US citizens married to immigrants,who file taxes jointly with a spouse lacking a Social Security number denied COVID-19 relief

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U.S. Citizens whose spouse is an immigrant are blocked from getting Stimulus Checks

President Trump signs the coronavirus stimulus relief package at the White House. (Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

The coronavirus stimulus package was meant to put emergency spending money into the economy, issuing a $1,200 check to most Americans that they can use to pay their bills in this time of hardship, and help stimulate businesses in the process. Now, though, we’re learning about all the strings that are coming attached to that hastily passed package — including the fact that U.S. citizens aren’t eligible to receive the money if they’re married and filed taxes jointly with an immigrant who doesn’t have a social security number.

The LA Times reports that there are more than a million Americans in this position across the country. This is just one more way the Trump administration has found to attack immigrants, no matter how they arrived in this country.

And the reporting out Monday shed new light on the fact that millions of U.S. citizens are also not eligible to receive coronavirus stimulus checks because of who they married.

According to the Times, the stimulus bill doesn’t just pass over immigrants who don’t pay taxes. Any immigrant without a social security number — even if they have a tax ID and pay U.S. taxes — can render their entire family ineligible to receive any money.

This isn’t about documented versus undocumented immigration, either. Immigrants to the U.S. receive a social security number only when they receive a work permit, which means there are a whole host of visas immigrants can use to come to the country perfectly legally (student or fiancé visas, for example) that won’t get them a work permit or a social security card. For people on non-work visas, it’s impossible to obtain a social security number until obtaining permanent resident status, which is a whole other process that takes a ton of paperwork, a ton of money, and months or even years of waiting, depending on how backed up the system was at the time they applied

The block means that not only will the adult in the mixed status home not be eligible for their $1,200 check but the household itself will also not receive a $500 per child payment that was part of the CARES Act, bringing further economic woes to taxpayers as the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic continues.

There is one exception. The citizen is not prevented from receiving the one-time payment if one spouse serves in the U.S. military

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