Vietnam Leads in Top 5 of Numbers of Scientific Researchers in RoK

According to VNA correspondent in Seoul, Republic of Korea (RoK), the number of registered foreign researchers participating in research and development (R&D) projects of the Korean Government is 22,000 people, equivalent to 3.2% of the total human resources for scientific research.
December 21, 2023 | 14:41

Among 12 national strategic technologies, the field of advanced biotechnology has the largest number of foreign scientists participating in research and more than half of the workforce comes from 5 countries including China, India, Vietnam, the US, and Pakistan.

On December 14, the Ministry of Science and Information Technology of RoK submitted the report "Results of Analyzing the Foreign Workforce on National Strategic Technology" to the Special Committee for Future Talent Management in the field of Science and Technology.

The figures in the report are based on information on foreign researchers registered in the inter-ministerial integrated research support system (IRIS). IRIS has been fully operational since 2023, helping to analyze the status of foreign researchers participating in R&D activities nationwide, focusing on the field of advanced biotechnology.

Vietnam Leads in Top 5 of Numbers of Scientific Researchers in RoK
Young Vietnamese scientists were awarded for their outstanding research achievements in the 9th Annual Conference of Vietnamese Young Scientists” (ACVYS 2023) organized in July 2023.

According to analysis results, as of November this year, there are 22,000 foreign researchers registered in IRIS. Among them, 1,990 foreign researchers are participating in new research projects in 2023. Analysis results also show that 1,263 foreign researchers are participating in research projects in 12 fields of national strategic key technology.

In terms of technology fields, foreigners participate the most in advanced biotechnology with 358 researchers, followed by artificial intelligence with 344 researchers, and semiconductors and displays with 163 researchers.

By nationality, China has the most experts participating in research in RoK with 219 people, followed by India with 183 people. Vietnam ranks third with 143 people, while America has 142 people and Pakistan has 98 people. Foreign researchers from these five countries account for 62.2% of total foreign researchers in RoK.

Categorized by research period, 217 foreigners are participating in basic research, 57 people participating in applied research and 84 people participating in development research.

By type of association, connections with universities account for the most with 79% (283 people), followed by connections with companies (17%, equivalent to 62 people) and government-funded research institutes (2 %, equivalent to 13 people).

Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Board Joo Young-chang said the most important condition to ensure technological sovereignty in the era of competition for technological leadership in the world is scientific and technological talent.

Therefore, RoK needs to establish a research and analysis system that can accurately predict and comprehensively analyze the current state of science and technology human resources at home and abroad. Based on scientific data management and analysis, the establishment of policies with personnel in the field of data-based science will be promoted.

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