Vietnamese Expats from Phu Yen Province Always Look towards Their Homeland

Many Vietnamese expatriates from Phu Yen province, are also looking forward to returning home and experiencing the major traditional festival, the Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday.
February 18, 2024 | 15:51

Celebrating the nation's traditional Tet becomes more meaningful and fulfilling for overseas Vietnamese when they feel the familiar Tet atmosphere and the attention of the Party and State.

Full of joy

The meeting with Overseas Vietnamese is an annual activity organized by the Phu Yen province's Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, and Fatherland Front Committee every year on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (Tet). For people far from home, this is an extremely meaningful activity, demonstrating the Party and State's concern for overseas Vietnamese.

“This year's Tet, my whole family returned to our hometown to celebrate Tet. This is a reunion festival, so every year I try to bring my children back with me because, in my heart, I always want my children to understand their roots and have an attachment to their homeland," said Le Pham Cong Vu, a Vietnamese expat from Ward 6 of Tuy Hoa City.

During Tet days, his family spends most of the time celebrating New Year with relatives and spring traveling, visiting several tourist attractions inside and outside the province.

Vietnamese Expats from Phu Yen Province Always Look towards Their Homeland
Phu Yen's leaders congratulate overseas Vietnamese returning home to celebrate Tet. Photo: Thuy Hang/Phu Yen newspaper

Meanwhile, Tran Thi Nguyet Anh, an American Vietnamese in the Phu Hoa district, said that since COVID-19, this year she can return home to celebrate Tet, she's extremely happy to enjoy the bustling, cheerful Tet atmosphere, and reunite with the family.

Along with the joy of reunion, Nguyet Anh also feels proud to see Vietnam in general, and her hometown Phu Yen in particular, increasingly changing and developing. Through the meeting this year, she and the Vietnamese living abroad, all feel the respect, affection, and responsibility of the provincial leaders towards Vietnamese people living and working far from home.

“Returning to where we were born, while contributing to the strong development of the country is what Vietnamese people across five continents always strive to do. Hope everyone has good luck and happiness in the new year. May our country and our province are growing stronger and stronger," said Nguyet Anh.

Traditional Tet is always a sacred traditional cultural feature attached to the minds of Vietnamese people. Even in all over the world, a reunion with family and relatives in the homeland is always considered the most complete joy of Vietnamese people. This is also an opportunity for overseas Vietnamese to come and see the changes in their homeland and country.

Year by year, witnessing his hometown of Phu Yen increasingly develop, Le Manh Hung, an overseas Vietnamese in France, highlighted, "The first innovation is that the infrastructure of my hometown is increasingly modern. All the people are very optimistic, friendly, and grateful. It is one of the vivid proofs of a happy life for Vietnamese people."

Appreciate the contributions of overseas Vietnamese

Currently, Phu Yen has over 25,000 people living, studying, and working in 35 countries and territories. The Vietnamese community abroad always unites, strives, overcomes difficulties, and stabilizes their lives. At the same time, promoting the tradition of patriotism, solidarity, and attachment to the root and homeland through specific actions.

Dang Quang Diem, head of the Provincial Overseas Vietnamese Relatives Association, affirmed that the Vietnamese expats in many places have been integrating deeply into the local society, and their lives are increasingly stable. Meanwhile, they always have a passionate heart toward their homeland and country, wishing to contribute to the cause of building and protecting the Fatherland.

As a member of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, the association always proactively guides member associations to coordinate with the Fatherland Front Committee at the same level and local branches and organizations to actively mobilize the Yen Phu-origin community abroad to promote national pride towards the Fatherland, contributing to building the homeland with specific and practical actions.

In a friendly and open atmosphere, overseas Vietnamese and relatives sincerely thanked the warm welcome of the government and people in the province.

They expressed joy with the changes in the appearance and socio-economic development of the province, hoping that the province would continue to create favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to invest, contributing to building and developing their homeland.

Vietnamese Expats from Phu Yen Province Always Look towards Their Homeland

An overseas Vietnamese expresses his joy at the outstanding development of Phu Yen at the meeting. Photo: Thuy Hang/Phu Yen newspaper

Affirming the leaders of Phu Yen province always consider the Phu Yen community abroad as an inseparable part and a valuable resource of the province, an effective bridge contributing to strengthening cooperative and friendly relations between the country and province with the international community, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Dao My expressed appreciation for the contributions of overseas Vietnamese to their homeland and country.

He hoped that overseas Vietnamese would continue to join hands with the Party Committee, government, and people of Phu Yen who have made positive contributions to contribute to the successful implementation of socio-economic goals in 2024, building an increasingly rich, beautiful, and sustainable homeland.

Recognizing and praising the contributions of overseas Vietnamese in recent years, Cao Thi Hoa An, permanent deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and chairman of the Provincial People's Council emphasized that Phu Yen directs all levels, branches, and localities in the province to deploy the work of its people abroad comprehensively.

Directing the province's functional agencies to well carry out information work, connect overseas Vietnamese, update the situation, and learn about the thoughts, aspirations, and difficulties of overseas Vietnamese in the host country to take support measures timely. Overseas Vietnamese also make positive contributions to work for the poor, repay gratitude, and contribute to stabilizing social security in the province.

The Party, State, and provincial leaders always care about, support, and wish for the Vietnamese community abroad to become increasingly successful in the host country; unite, help each other, preserve national cultural identity, act as a bridge to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the province and countries around the world, continue to make positive contributions to develop the province's socio-economic.

The meeting is a meaningful activity, tightening the relationship between Phu Yen-origin expats and their homeland.

“The program strengthens the great national unity bloc, creates synergy, continues to promote patriotic traditions, the spirit of national self-respect, and plays a good role as a bridge of friendship and cooperation for the development of the province," said Nguyen Quoc Hoan, chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee.

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