Vietnamese Master Shares Successful Experiences in Germany

"Young people should be consistent and make specific plans to pursue their passions and succeed in foreign countries," said Tam Nguyen - Master of Education Management in Germany.
January 11, 2022 | 11:18

In 2014, Tam Nguyen started a YouTube channel named "Learn German with PRIMA Deutsch - Tam Nguyen" to teach German to Vietnamese people, helping them familiarize themselves with this language. At that time she was a freshman in her Master's program in Educational Management at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany.

As one of the pioneer German-speaking students at the High School for the Gifted of Foreign Languages ​​(University of Foreign Languages ​​- Vietnam National University, Hanoi), Tam Nguyen had the opportunity to interact with the German language since it was still unpopular in school in Vietnam. Tam recalled that at first, relatives and friends were discouraging of her learning German because there were a limited amount of career opportunities.

After a year of studying at the Department of German Language, she went to Germany to study a preparatory year at Studienkolleg Nordhausen. Even though she had studied the language for many years in Vietnam, she still had difficulty listening to lectures and taking notes. She spends a lot of time in the library reading books and synthesizing her own knowledge. "For each subject, I create a separate vocabulary book. Once I have mastered the specialized vocabulary, it will be much easier to read books or listen to lectures," Tam shared.

Vietnamese Master Shares Successful Experiences in Germany
Tam Nguyen (center) won the DAAD award for foreign students with excellent academic and social achievements in Germany in 2012. Photo: Tam Nguyen

Thanks to her hard work and efforts, Tam Nguyen graduated valedictorian at Nordhausen preparatory school and received a scholarship for the Bachelor of Teaching German at Universität Augsburg.

During her time at the school, Tam Nguyen always spent time participating in social activities. In her first semester, she became an active member of the school's communication project. In addition to that, Tam also participates in teaching German for free for immigrants at a social organization in the city. From this experience, she advises Vietnamese international students to actively participate in school activities so that they can quickly integrate into a new culture. You can improve your ability in German communication, expand relationships and accumulate the necessary skills for a future career.

Tam Nguyen completed the coursework in two years and spent the last year doing a full-time internship at Munich Airport's Press and Communication department (Flughafen München GmbH). "The job gives me the opportunity to meet many people, go to many places and learn many interesting things," she said.

Being passionate about education, Tam Nguyen returned to school to continue studying for a Master of Education Administration. In addition to studying and researching at school, she also teaches German at the language school Sprachinstitut Tübingen and participates in a project to support immigrants in the city. After completing two semesters, Tam Nguyen was fortunate to get a position as a teaching assistant for German at the German European School Singapore. The Vietnamese teacher gains more teaching experience in a professional environment and the opportunity to explore a new culture.

Immediately after completing her Master's program, Tam Nguyen was accepted as a German teacher at Walther-Groz-Schule Albstadt High School. She is the homeroom teacher of a class with immigrant students from many countries around the world. "Teaching in a multicultural classroom presents many challenges. In addition to professional knowledge, teachers also need special pedagogical skills to be able to maintain students' motivation to learn," she said.

Besides her teaching job and the online German learning channel, Tam Nguyen has imparted a lot of German knowledge to immigrants and thousands of Vietnamese living in many countries around the world. She also founded Prima International Co., Ltd., a company assisting Vietnamese people to have the opportunity to reach out to the world through studying and working.

"Nothing is impossible. The important thing is that I always draw up specific plans and persistently pursue them," Tam Nguyen affirmed.

Vietnamese Master Shares Successful Experiences in Germany
After many impressive achievements at the Bachelor's level, Tam Nguyen (red ao dai) continues to pursue her passion with the Master of Education Administration program. Photo: Tam Nguyen

Looking back on her study abroad journey, the young female lecturer said that people often think her life is filled with luck and fortune. In fact, the former international student had to go through many difficult times, in which she worked as a dishwasher for a restaurant. "Almost every day at 12 o'clock at night, riding a bicycle home alone from work in the white snow is something I will never forget," she added.

According to Tam Nguyen, studying abroad life is not always a breeze. However, Tam still advises young people to experience life in a new country at least once. While it is a struggle, living abroad will make one stronger, wiser, and more open to the wider world.

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