Vietnam's Academy Opens Maritime Diplomacy Centre

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam opened the Maritime Diplomacy Centre in a ceremony in Hanoi.
December 10, 2021 | 07:59
Vietnam's Academy Opens Maritime Diplomacy Centre
The event was held by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in collaboration with the embassies of the UK and US in Vietnam. Photo: UK Embassy in Vietnam

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) on Dec. 6 officially opened the Maritime Diplomacy Centre, with the support of the UK and US, in a ceremony in Hanoi.

Under the UK - Vietnam Maritime Security Partnership signed in July 2021, the British Embassy in Vietnam partnered with the DAV to launch the capacity building course of the Maritime Diplomacy Centre.

It will provide training on maritime domain awareness, maritime cooperation and ocean governance for Vietnamese officials, who work daily with maritime issues across Vietnamese government agencies.

Speaking at the event, Head of Political Department at British Embassy in Hanoi, Stephen Taylor emphasised the importance of the Maritime Diplomacy Centre in maritime security and affairs for the UK, Vietnam and partners.

Diplomats, lawyers, and other experts from a variety of countries have this new platform to share knowledge about ocean environments, law of the sea, and maritime awareness.

In recent years, the Bien Dong Sea (internationally known as South China Sea) situation has emerged as one of the most important security issues in East Asia.

Last month, the DAV held the 13th international conference on the Bien Dong Sea under the theme "Looking back to a brighter future" in Hanoi.

This year edition of DAV’s flagship international conference saw the in-person attendance of more than 180 delegates and more than 400 participants registered to attend online, including nearly 60 keynote speakers, who are prestigious experts from 30 countries, 90 representatives from foreign missions in Vietnam (including 15 ambassadors).

For the past decade, since its first edition in 2009, the conference has become one of the most prominent forums which have gathered leading experts to brainstorm a wide range of issues from maritime security, international law, marine-based economic development, and marine ecology, which are deemed important to regional peace, development and environmental sustainability.

Vietnam's Academy Opens Maritime Diplomacy Centre
The Diplomatic Academy's raining courses on sea and island-related issues will provide updated knowledge about the Bien Dong Sea. Photo: US Embassy in Hanoi

According to VNA, due to complicated historical, geographical, and legal conditions, the Bien Dong Sea has been the subject of continued disputes between surrounding countries, including Vietnam.

Vietnam boasts a coastline stretching 3,260 kilometres in length and adjacent to the Bien Sea. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Vietnam has sovereignty and sovereign rights over an area of 700,000 sq m in the waters. The country is home to over 3,000 onshore islands and two offshore archipelagos: Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly).

The Bien Dong Sea plays a vital role in the development of regional countries and others for several reasons. First, it is rich in biological and non-biological resources. Second, it is home to major transit routes and sea lanes connecting the Indian and Pacific oceans. With its strategic geopolitical position, the Bien Dong Sea is continually threatened by disputes between major powerhouses and also non-traditional security challenges, including climate change, environmental pollution, and maritime crime.

The complicated nature of the water requires that Vietnam come up with appropriate policies to both explore the sea’s potential and settle current challenges, in order to create a peaceful and stable environment.

Given that the modern world has entered into a new era of intertwined opportunities and challenges, in particular the Covid-19 pandemic and unpredictability in regional politics and security, Vietnam continually strives to join hands with regional countries to maintain peace in the Bien Dong Sea.

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