71-year-old man in Bac Giang used private land to build free park for children

In small village named An Thong, Bac Giang, everyone knows about "Mr. Chinh's park" has been equipped swings, slides, seesaw and so on where children in the village gather here to have fun without fee entrance.
July 20, 2020 | 07:26
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Mr. Chinh and his wife. Source: Kenh14

It is said that the park has been built by 71-year-old man An Thong, Bac Giang. After being shared the idea about a free park for children in the village by his son who has been living and working in Japan. He immediately agreed to use his own 200 square metter land to set up the park and his son also donated around US$ 4,500 to purchase related equipments for the park. This idea alse have been supported by local authority.

Some people in the village still have doubt about the idea as they think it is useless to built a children park in this area. However, Mr. Chinh still ignored their doubt and focus on his works as he knew people may think he was crazy if he built the park for commercial purpose.

The park have been completed within one month and people in the village was very supprised to know that the entrance fee is only smile. He also equiped some chairs in the park so that the everybody can have a rest after morning or eveing exersice.

Since the park opened, Mr. Chinh always go to the park in every early moning and late afternoon to clean up and look after chidren playing in the park. In his opinion, the park must be well-maintained to make sure safety for children. Some rules as keep cleaning up, sharing equipment with others, no fire, no smoking, no littering, no parking or man are applied as well.

It is known that Mr. Chinh has built 2 free parks and he also donate equipment for children in surrounding villages. He is extremely happy for his contribution and he hope that this models can be replicated to many other places.

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