A Journey To Conquer The Wilderness of Ankroet Waterfall

If you are someone who loves to explore and experience the wilderness, there is a beautiful place in Da Lat that still retains the wild beauty that attracts many adventurers.
February 06, 2023 | 12:47

Hidden away in the Central Highlands, Dalat plays the cooler cousin to Vietnam's seaside destinations. Famous for its countryside charm, Dalat draws couples, wellness seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This mountain resort town was once a summer getaway for the French, who left their mark in the European-inspired architecture and countless lakes. Dalat's main lake is the center of the action, but amazing natural wonders await in the hills all around.

Photo: MIA
Photo: MIA

Ankroet is the most beautiful land and place that was discovered by Dr. Yersin. This is also considered a suitable land for resort and development in the future. Ankroet is the name given by a French person meaning "wild and peaceful", and you can enjoy the lovely melody of nature here all day and night.

This waterfall belongs to the population of Dan Kia lake - Golden stream (Suoi Vang), located at the foot of Lang Biang mountain.

Photo: Halo Travel
Photo: Halo Travel

Ankroet Waterfall is located not far from the city center, only 12 km to the northwest. Thanks to the extremely strong flow rate and surge, the French chose the waterfall as the place to build the first hydroelectric plant in Dalat.

To go to the falls, you can ask the locals or use the google map tool, which will make it easier to find your way.

Dalat is famous for the majesty of mountains and forests, so there are many beautiful mountains and waterfalls. However, Ankroet has the wildest and most distinct beauty. Located in the middle of a large plateau and subject to many human impacts today, Ankroet waterfall still retains this rustic and wild character. The rocky snouts protrude zigzag, and the moss covers the large rocks. The green of the vast mountains and the white foam of the water opens you up to a peaceful feeling, away from the noisy city. Therefore, Ankroet waterfall is visited by many tourists.

Photo: Mia Studio
Photo: Mia Studio

Standing in the distance, you can hear the sound of the waterfall falling from above with great speed and a strong current. In 1942, this place was built a hydroelectric dam by the French government and is still in use today. Around the hydropower plant, there are many beautiful scenes to have the most unique Instagram check-in pictures. Do not miss it when you come to this city!

The space of Ankroet Lake is poetic, so quiet that you can even hear the wind. The sound of rustling branches and the sound of water flowing through the rocks. The lake's surface is clean, appearing like a jade-green pearl.

You can hear the noise of the running waterfall all day and night, which makes you feel like losing yourself in nature. This place creates a gorgeous background for photographers to make beautiful photo albums.

Photo: Hoa Dalat Travel
Photo: Hoa Dalat Travel

Ankroet Waterfall owns a wild beauty, although it has not been exploited by humans yet, it still attracts a large number of travelers coming here to explore. Under the waterfall, there are many spaces for you and your loved ones to camp overnight. You can try a lot of different activities such as team building, walking, swimming, and other things. They light a campfire together every night, prepare food for a BBQ party, and talk and sing together under the night sky.

This is an area where ethnic minorities live, you can easily see them coming to get water for daily activities. If you have the opportunity, talk to them to know more about the culture here.

Photo: @n.u.t.i
Photo: @n.u.t.i

At Ankroet waterfall, many years ago, the French chose to build the Ankroet hydropower plant - the first hydropower plant in Dalat. The building is uniquely designed when combining factory architecture and stone architecture of the West of France. This is a landmark work with the country's hydrogeological geography of historical and spiritual value. Do not forget to come here to admire this unique and rare spillway project of nearly 80 years.

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