A Vietnamese Cultural Space in Germany

Over the past ten years, the Vietnamese Cultural Space has become a meeting place and cultural exchange for the Vietnamese community in the Federal Republic of Germany, thereby helping to preserve and promote Vietnam's admirable cultural identity.
August 09, 2022 | 08:13

Spreading Vietnamese culture to the young generation

On the evening of August 7, at Dong Xuan Trade Center in Berlin (Germany), the 10th anniversary of the Vietnamese Cultural Space program took place. Lasting until late at night, the night of the festival presented many songs, plays, and dances by amateur artists who showed expats' earnest affection and love for the homeland and the respect and cherishing of Vietnamese culture in the Vietnamese cultural space in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

A Vietnamese Cultural Space in Germany
Children perform in the 10th Vietnamese Cultural Space program in Germany. (Photo: Ha An).

Cheerfully, after 10 years since its establishment, the Vietnamese Cultural Space has gradually spread to the second and third generation of Vietnamese people born and raised in Germany. The children not only can sing in Vietnamese but also play musical instruments such as bamboo flute, organ, and piano to perform Vietnamese music. Songs imbued with Vietnamese cultural history such as "Nhanh buoc nhanh nhi dong", "Em la bup mang non" are the clearest proofs that Vietnamese culture is being spread and transmitted to following generations.

According to Le Xuan Dinh, head of the organizing committee of the Vietnamese Cultural Space, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese are living in Germany in harmony with the local people. Wherever they are, Vietnamese people who are "con Lac chau Hong" (children of Lac bird, grandchildren of Hong dynasty) still maintain their identity, promote the cultural spirit of the nation, and look toward the beloved Fatherland.

In addition to community activities, the Vietnamese Cultural Space uses songs, musical arrangements, traditional folk, ethnic musical instruments, and dances, to compose a "love song" to send to the motherland, Vietnam. Every year, on Hung King's death anniversary, Tet, Mid-Autumn or other organizational events, the Vietnamese Cultural Space holds cultural activities leaving unforgettable impressions on every expatriate.

Unforgettable impressions

Ten years ago, the Vietnamese Cultural Space in Germany was born with the help of sponsors, associations, clubs, and Vietnam Television Station to preserve the good cultural identity of Vietnam among the overseas community in general and in Germany in particular.

Over the past ten years, sponsored by the Vietnamese Embassy, ​​with the contributions of thousands of artists, singers, actors, community members, and young people, the Vietnamese Cultural Space has become a place to unite the community, maintain and develop the mass cultural and artistic movement, and show affection for the homeland of the people living and studying in Germany. The Vietnamese Cultural Space has always received support from Vietnam and Europe, many talented artists have performed online, creating closeness and affection in the Vietnamese community worldwide.

A Vietnamese Cultural Space in Germany
Ambassador Vu Quang Minh (3rd from the left) presents flowers to congratulate the Vietnamese Cultural Space in Germany on the 10th anniversary of its establishment. (Photo: Ha An).

The organizing committee of the Vietnamese Cultural Space program in Germany is most impressed by the enthusiastic participation and response from the Embassy and overseas people, retired or children, every time a program is held.

"There are children born and raised in Germany, even though they are only 7, 8 years old, they can sing Vietnamese songs very well. Singers show their sentiment for the homeland in many ways, from singing cheo, cai luong to quan ho, chau van," Le Xuan Dinh said in a press interview.

He also remembers the 8th Vietnamese Cultural Space program (September 2019) when the success exceeded expectations.

"Never before has the program had such a large number of people registered to participate, many people crossed 500-600km, traveled 2 days and 2 nights. They went to the program venue just to practice and sing a song for 3-5 minutes and then returned home to take care of their business. It shows that people put a lot of effort into the program and that makes us extremely emotional," said Le Xuan Dinh. That year, the organizers initially planned only 30 performances as in previous years, but later the number of registered performances increased to 60, including songs about the homeland, songs to celebrate the National Day (September 2), and songs about the soldiers guarding the sea and islands. Many songs were composed by people living in Germany when they went to Truong Sa to visit soldiers.

Appreciating Vietnamese Cultural Space's programs, Ambassador of Vietnam to Germany Vu ​​Quang Minh stated: "If culture remains, the nation remains, where there is Vietnamese culture, the spirit of the nation stays evergreen."

The Vietnamese Cultural Space Program is a gathering place for overseas Vietnamese to express the Vietnamese spirit and soul, and the intense vitality of Vietnamese culture. Therefore, the national culture is taught through lessons about how to behave, how to build a life, and how to honor the spiritual values of the nation. With members' vibrant activities, the Vietnamese Cultural Space is joining hands to preserve and promote good values and a community with a solidarity and development spirit".

The Ambassador emphasized that to succeed in an integrated world, culture is the root, the fulcrum to save the national identity from being eroded. Thereby, we can be proud, hold our heads high and live together with communities of other peoples in civilized cultures such as Germany.

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