Absorbing in colourful ocean in Vietnam

Colors of Vietnam oceanThe beauty of coral reefs, fish and wrecks beneath famous dive sites in Vietnam is faithfully captured through photos.
June 19, 2020 | 06:12
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1627 dai duong
Photo: VNE

According to vnexpress, Vietnam has many famous scuba diving sites in Phu Quoc, Nam Du and Hai Tac (Kien Giang); Con Dao (Ba Ria - Vung Tau); Phu Quy and Cu Lao Cau (Binh Thuan); Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa); Cu Lao Mai Nha, Hon Yen (Phu Yen), Ly Son (Quang Ngai) and Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam).

The picture above captured the beauty of shallow coral reef of Hon Yen, which is known as the "stone garden of blooming" at the time of receding tides.

This is a sensitive and vulnerable natural scene. Visitors' footsteps on coral reefs, forming rocky trails, which can deform, ruin corals and displace sea creatures. Therefore, tourists as well as photographers have to choose appropriate sights to view and take photos of corals choose the right location and avoid trampling on them.

This photo belongs to series of author Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Ho Chi Minh City. It was made by a combination of underwater photography and free diving skills in a breath of 2 to 3 minutes.

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Photo: VNE

After swimming far away, visitors shall admire the variety of coral block beneath the water to the east of Hon Yen. The author said that this sea area is dark and deep. The water temperature is also much colder than the west side and the bottom has a continuous flow of water, which can affect divers. Therefore, visitors who dive here must pay close attention to this situation and should go in group with at least 2 people.

It is notable that if visitors find small jellyfish in the ocean stream, they should stay away, so as not to contract the mucus of jellyfish mixed in seawater. This mucus can cause red spots or burns, burning skin.

2652 dai duong 2
Photo: VNE

Jellyfish swimming in the sea around Hon Yen's rock. To the east side of Hon Yen is the place catching the first rays of sunrise on the new day. This is a combination of cylindrical basalt pillars stacked on top of each other like honeycomb, the result of geological activity millions of years ago, when volcanic lava met cold sea water so it froze and cracked.

The author shared his passion for the art of photography, diversifying genres from landscape to nature to daily life, reaping many successes in photography. He has 17 photos selected to be published on National Geographic so far. Besides, he has won photography awards, exhibitions at prestigious national and international competitions such as Vietnam Heritage Photos, Vietnam Art Photos, Epson or the Smithsonian American magazine. Recently, he has been named on the Siena 2019 Award Winners list, and received the Pangea Prize (Golden Globe) taking place in Italy in late October 2020.

3310 dai duong 3
Photo: VNE

“Dancer dance” swims across the water to explore the Hon Rom (Madonna Rock) diving site in Nha Trang. The diving season in Vietnam takes place from March to October. It can vary by location, for example, the southern diving locations is from November to May in the followings years.

3559 dai duong 4
Photo: VNE

The scenery of the sea under the Hon Rom underground cave area. This diving spot has underwater caves located at different depths, and some of them up to 30 meters deep. This is the habitat of eels and if lucky, we shall encounter thorn grouper weighing from 40 to 45 kilograms. They camouflage like the reef.

Nha Trang has many focused diving locations, which are the center of the growing diving industry. Mr. Thien, a local said, those who want to dive and take photos in the water must carefully read information, participate in underwater photography forums and prestigious diving courses, lectures on how to shoot underwater. Especially, they should invest into equipment and diving skills, which are two of the most important factors for photographing under the sea.

4032 dai duong 5
Photo: VNE

Lion fish "walking" among a group of yellow-tailed barracuda in Hon Mun. Nha Trang City has Hon Mun Marine Reserve being famous for its beautiful coral reefs, about 350 species of coral and many species of fish, including barracuda, clownfish, lionfish, trumpet or butterfly fish. According to the statistics, there are about 15 diving sites around Hon Mun, with the two most famous ones named Hon Rom and Bai Ca Eel (Moray Beach).

4342 dai duong 6
Photo: VNE

Diving expert Nguyen Ha Minh Tri (Nha Trang), a diving instructor for the author, is exploring coral reefs and schools of fish at Hon Rom, Hon Mun, Nha Trang diving sites.

Visitors should note that during the sightseeing experience, scuba diving, they must not throw plastic waste into the ocean, avoid diving in rainy, stormy and rough seas to reduce visibility under the seabed.

4536 dai duong 7
Photo: VNE

"Mermaid" on the colorful coral reef at Son Dung diving site, Van Phong bay. This bay is located between Van Ninh district and Ninh Hoa town, which is far from about 80 kilometers to the north of Nha Trang beach, with the must-see tourist sites of Hon Do fossil reef and the middle of the sea on Diep Son Island, especially the coral at Son Dung and Dam Mon.

In order to take high-resolution photos under water, the camera must be good and the lens correspond to the type of shooting, the underwater housing of the camera is waterproof and resistant to water pressure. In addition, it must be equipped with underwater lighting system underwater strobes to capture and reproduce the detailed colors of things. The deeper the landscape gets, the less color and less light is.

5305 dai duong 8
Photo: VNE

The above picture shows a school of fish swimming around the area of a wrecked ship in Dam Mon.

Besides the equipment, diving skills are also very important because underwater photography means taking risks and risking your life. In order to minimize risks, the photographer must be proficient in diving skills to be able to take a quality underwater photo.

“I used to take a diving course at a dive center in Nha Trang run by PADI - International Scuba Association, with both scuba diving and freediving scuba diving methods. When joining this course, the instructors were more enthusiastic and surprised when I held my breath in the water for a long time in free diving ”, Mr. Thien said.

0131 dai duong 9
Photo: VNE

The author is exploring the wrecked ship during Typhoon Damrey 2017 in Dam Mon waters, an interesting scuba diving spot in Van Phong Bay. Due to strict conservation, this wreck became a habitat for schools of fish and other marine life.

0307 dai duong 10
Photo: VNE

Rays of the sun shining through the reef below the waters of Nam Du, Kien Hai and Kien Giang were captured in this picture. Nam Du archipelago, which is known as "Southern Ha Long Bay", has 21 large and small islands, of which Hon Dau and Hai Bo Dam are attractive coral diving sites.

0528 dai duong 11
Photo: VNE

Coral reefs under the Nam Du Sea. Besides Nam Du, visitors can choose diving destinations on Phu Quoc pearl island, which is knows as the "diving paradise" of Vietnam, such as An Thoi archipelago, Hon Kho, Turtle island and Nudibranch Gardens.

Currently, some dive sites develop a type of photography service for snorkeling tourists. The art of underwater photography helps to promote the beauty of life under the sea to domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to raising awareness of protecting the marine environment in Vietnam.

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