Beautiful art lighting rig glowed up Da Nang River

Han River art lighting project will soon to set Han River bridges, two banks and the surface blazing at night and promote tourism of Da Nang City.
April 05, 2021 | 15:08
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Truong Hong Hanh, director of Da Nang Tourism Department, said the Han River art lighting project is expected to commence within the next three months.

The river lighting system would be installed on the Thuan Phuoc, Han, Dragon, Tran Thi Ly and Nguyen Van Troi bridges, as well as both banks and the water surface, she told a seminar on tourism recovery and development Thursday.

The Han River on the first day of the New Year 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Nguyen Dong.

Nguyen Van Quang, secretary of Da Nang Party Committee, said the lights for bridges and the riverside areas, including buildings, should be synchronized.

In future, all newly constructed buildings along the Han River would be required to install a lighting rig, according to VnExpress.

The secretary added Da Nang is planning to work with reputable investors to refurbish the entire Han River landscape. In particular, the city prioritizes the development of a number of infrastructures like Bach Dang pedestrian street and Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge.

Han River Bridge glowing at night (Photo: Google)

"An investor currently wants to introduce boat services on the river. The city will ask the investor to hold a boat race this June. Vessels will carry the names of districts and attractions of Da Nang for promotion," Quang said.

Han River is about seven kilometers long, flowing through Da Nang into the East Sea, internationally known as the South China Sea.

The entire Son Tra region, adjacent to the river, along with the section adjacent to the sea have been left idle. Along the Han River, there is no crossing along the five kilometer distance from the estuary to Tran Thi Ly Bridge.

In 1997, Da Nang authorities started the construction of Han Bridge, connecting the city center on the west bank (Hai Chau District) with the east bank (Son Tra District). It is the only rotating bridge in Vietnam and has boosted the city's appearance.

Photo: Klook

Years later, Da Nang built a series of bridges across the Han River.

Famous and iconic bridges of Da Nang City

Han River Bridge

Undeniably, Da Nang is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. Talking about Da Nang’s well-known destinations, you cannot leave out Han River Bridge – a symbol of a developing city, a cultural spot for tourists, and the pride of Da Nang residents.

Photo: Wikipedia

After the liberation of Vietnam, since there was only one bridge to meet the transportation demand of people, Da Nang residents felt the need to have another one connecting the downtown area with the neighboring areas. Knowing this concern, the government decided to build Han River Bridge. The construction process started in February 1998. Later, in 2000, Han River Bridge was officially inaugurated. This event marked the development of Da Nang as Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge in Vietnam. More remarkably, it was designed by Vietnamese architects and constructed with the help of local people. The bridge is 487.7 meters in length, 12.9 meters in width. It contains 11 spans, 33 meters long each span. Over time, Da Nang continues to show its rapid growth, and tourism plays a significant part in that growth. Visiting Han River Bridge when traveling to Da Nang gradually becomes a must for tourists.

The sparkling of Han River Bridge under city lights at night is what draws people’s attention. By “people”, we mean not only first-time tourists but also Da Nang residents. When the city lights up, Han River Bridge reflects its swings and the street lights on the water surface of Han River, creating a shimmering sight with dazzling colors that hooks everyone into it. Besides, discovering the local life around the bridge is also a great idea. Since you are traveling, take your time to visit Han market, which is just a 5-minute walk from Han River Bridge, before coming for the bridge. Imagine wandering around, immersing in the dreamlike atmosphere, and enjoying the starry night sight, truly an unforgettable experience!

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Photo: Pullman Resort

Da Nang’s Tran Thi Ly Bridge is the fifth bridge up the Han River, about 1 km south of the Rong (Dragon) Bridge. The construction of the 1,709 billion VND bridge began in April 2009, and it was officially opened to traffic on 29 March 2013.

With its suspension cables, the bridge forms an upside-down capital “Y” and is intended to look like sails facing towards the East Sea. The bridge has emerged as a must-see feature of Da Nang and an ideal place for visitors who like taking souvenir photos during their stay in the city.

It is believed that the bridge, with the image of sails filled with wind, not only shows charming and gentle characteristics, but also symbolises the city’s aspirations for further development in the future. It has one of the most unique architectural styles of all the bridges in Viet Nam. A striking feature of its design is the 145m-high, backwards-leaning single tower which creates the eye-catching form of the bridge.

The bridge was named after Vietnamese revolutionary activist Tran Thi Ly from Quang Nam Province’s Dien Ban District, whose real name was Tran Thi Nham. She was a member of the Viet Nam People’s Army and the South Viet Nam Liberation Army. During the past two resistance wars, even though Miss Ly was brutally and inhumanely tortured in the prisons of the invaders, she showed her indomitable spirit and admirable bravery, and she never revealed any of Viet Nam’s revolutionary strategies and plans to the enemy.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Photo: VnTrip

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the lower Han River at Da Nang City.

The construction of the bridge, which began in 2003, was completed on 19 July 2009. The four-lane, three-span, bridge is 1,856 meters long and 18 meters wide, and has a main span of 405 meters. Its two major pillars are 80m in height. It is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam, with total investment of nearly 1 trillion dong. The bridge was built with an estimated cost of VND 650 billion (about 42 million US dollars). With the idea of the winds heading to the oceans, Philips company used the Led system with the latest technology to emphasize the beauty of Thuan Phuoc Bridge

From all points of view, Thuan Phuoc Bridge reflects a modern outlook, full of charm and splendor. The bridge is located in a special position, where the river flows to the sea at the Southern Da Nang bay, linking the coastal road Nguyen Tat Thanh and Vo Nguyen Giap, the system creates a continuous route traffic from the tunnel coastal from Hai Van to Son Tra peninsula, the bridge Man Quang and connecting the route Son Tra – Hoi An.

Dragon Bridge

Photo: Thanhnien

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is the longest bridge in Vietnam, offering a dazzling display of lights, fire, and water that no first-time visitor to Da Nang should miss out on. Measuring at 666 metres in length, it is located in Da Nang City and constructed in the shape of a golden dragon.

The six-lane bridge crosses the Han River, serving as direct routes to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach as well as a popular spot amongst travelling photographers. Dragon Bridge was officially opened in 2013 after a two-year-long construction, commemorating the 38th anniversary of Da Nang City’s liberation. According to local beliefs, which date back to the Ly Dynasty, the dragon is a significant symbol of power, nobility and good fortune.

While it’s a magnificent sight at any time of the day, Dragon Bridge Da Nang is particularly cool (and packed with sightseers) in the evening as it is illuminated with colourful LED lights. On weekends and annual festivities, the state-of-the-art bridge is also scheduled to spit water or breathe fire from its mouth from 21:00 onwards.

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