COVID-19 Updates (October 1): Free stay permit waivers extended until October 31

In the last 12 hours, Vietnam records 1 entry COVID-19 case, no community infection. Meanwhile, 3 more patients have been recovered from the virus.
October 01, 2020 | 09:24
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1 new entry infection, no community cases. (Photo: MOH)

1 new entry infection, no community cases

According to the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 on the morning of October 1, in the past 12 hours, Vietnam records one more entry case of COVID-19. The patient was a Russian expert, entered Vietnam from Can Tho airport, already been monitored and quarantined.

The Committee also said that Vietnam did not record any new community cases in the last 29 days. Regarding the treatment situation, the Treatment Sub-Committee announced that as of 6 am on October 1, Vietnam has cured 1,010 cases of COVID-19. Among the treating cases, 17 cases had negative test results from 1-3 times for SARS-CoV-2.

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The headquarters of the Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi. (Photo:

Free stay permit waivers extended until October 31

Foreigners who entered Vietnam from March 1, 2020 can have their temporary stay permits automatically extended for another month until October 31, the Immigration Department announced on September 30.

It is another one-month extension to the current policy, issued in mid-May and extended twice since, to support foreigners stuck in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulations on those who entered the country before March 1, 2020 remain the same as the current policy. They can be considered for this permit extension as long as they can prove they are stranded in Vietnam due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who do not fall under these categories or have committed illegal actions have to abide by the existing laws on immigration.

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Over 350 Vietnamese citizens brought home from Japan. (Photo: VNA)

Over 350 Vietnamese citizens brought home from Japan

Over 350 Vietnamese citizens were flown home from Japan on a flight of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines on September 30 as a joint effort of competent authorities of both nations.

The passengers included children under 18, the elderly, people with illnesses, pregnant women, workers whose contracts have expired, students without accommodation due to dormitory closure, and others in disadvantaged circumstances.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Japan sent staff to help the citizens with check-in procedures at the airport. Security, safety, and epidemiological hygiene measures were rigorously taken during the flight to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Upon their arrival at Da Nang International Airport in the central city of Da Nang, all the crew members and passengers were given medical checkups and put under quarantine in line with regulations.

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Acting Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long. (Photo: MOH)

Vietnam is expected to conduct clinical trials of COVID-19 in 2021

On the morning of September 30, the Ministry of Health, together with PATH and the British Embassy in Hanoi, organized a seminar to introduce vaccines against COVID-19 in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of 92 countries participating in the program "Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access Solution" (COVAX Facility) and is committed to be supported by GAVI COVAX AMC. With the goal of supplying 2 billion doses of vaccine to countries by the end of 2021 to about 20% of the population of the member states of the COVAX Facility, Vietnam will have the opportunity to access and be provided with vaccines in the catalog of COVAX AMC.

Acting Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long expressed his hope that in the coming time, the Government of Vietnam and the UK, with a close and long-term strategic partnership over the past years, could reach an agreement in COVID-19 vaccine supply.

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