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E-learning applications flourished during the COVID-19 season


09:26 | 22/03/2020

As COVID-19 escalated, online study expanded. More and more people adapt to using these E-learning applications. 

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e learning applications flourished during the covid 19 season

VNPT, Viettel and VioEdu say that more and more people are accessing e-learning now. The number of VNPT E-Learning has increased fourfold.

VNPT E-Learning is an online learning solution belonging to VnEdu, the smart education system developed by VNPT. This is a creative solution with many attractive online study modules, allowing to conduct online training anytime, anywhere and on any devices.

In the first phase of VNPT E-Learning deployment, from February 1 to March 11, 2020, the app was used by nearly 10,000 schools with 300,000 teacher accounts and 4 million student accounts.

The average study time of students was 12 minutes per session and it continues to increase every day, expected to reach 30 minutes per session within the next two weeks.

The service has more than 5 million visits. The number of visits sometimes reached 100,000 within an hour.

"After one month, VNPT E-Learning has seen the number of users increasing by 4 times, while the number of visits also increased by more than 5 times," said a VNPT’s representative.

He went on to say that VNPT continues updating and improving features to improve the teaching and learning efficiency. This includes the "online classroom" feature, fine-tuned from the VNPT Meeting video conferencing service, allowing teachers to go to class and interact with students online like a real classroom.

He imsaid that VNPT will continue to maintain the policy to use VNPT E-Learning for free until the end of the academic year and exempt Data 3G/4G fee when using the app.

VNPT also provides services allowing businesses and organizations to organize distance working on the basis of internet connection and 3G/4G mobile data. The service is especially useful in the Covid-19 time.

e learning applications flourished during the covid 19 season
VIettel also said it is providing online learning content on ViettelStudy for free, including lectures, training courses and reviewing questions which help students supplement their knowledge and study at home.

Prior to that, Viettel exempted from data fee for teachers and students accessing to ViettelStudy via Viettel 3G/4G SIM to teach/learn online. Teachers can also create free lectures on the system to provide to students.

ViettelStudy has been applied at 26,000 schools with 29,000 lessons created.

Nguyen Ngoc Minh from FPT, the Vietnamese largest IT firm, also reported the high growth rate of visits to VioEdu, an FPT online learning project.

Asked about the future of the online education market, Minh said the market is full of potential with the population of 100 million, 18 million general school students and the high capability of getting adapted to new technology, high internet quality and good IT infrastructure.

As Covid-19 has escalated, the Ministry of Education and Training has asked localities to strengthen teaching via internet and television.

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