Frolicking in Da Lat's Romantic Pink Grass Hills

Da Lat is romantic and attractive by not only charming wild sunflowers, red maple leaves but also beautiful pink grass hills, which make the city of flower a little-known beauty in Vietnam.
November 16, 2021 | 08:13
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
The pink grass hills have become a must-visit destination for many young people each year. Photos: Nguyen Ngoc Ga

As the rainy season comes to an end in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong and the dry season begins, the low temperature creates an ideal condition for a new generation of pink grass to engulf hilltops throughout several locations in the Dan Kia Lake – Golden Stream area of Da Lat.

Pink grass, a wild lawn in pink combined with a purple colour, only turns pink once a year. In the last few years, nature lovers of the Lang Biang Plateau have recorded the beauty of the local grass and have shared the spectacle through many information channels, making domestic and international tourists wish to step on the hillside full of pink grass in early winter.

Each blade of the grass is home to hundreds of tiny flowers which bloom into a collection of soft pink snowflakes each morning when the sun peaks over the mountaintops and casts light on tiny dewdrops that has been frozen on the grass.

The fantastic scene, considered one of the most beautiful of the year in the Central Highlands province, has made the area a famous photography spot for visitors. Nguyen Ngoc Ga is one of them. He was born in 1996, originally from Quang Ngai, but moved to Da Lat from a young age. Working as an auto repair technician, with a soul that loves photography, since 2017, Ga has captured and preserved many beautiful moments of the Da Lat landscape and flower seasons.

In November, Ga has captured beautiful pink grass hills in Dan Kia Lake, La An hill or further to the suburbs, Masara hill.

Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
Although its life cycle is not long, its pink colour really attracts tourists when travelling in Da Lat.

According to Ga, to take the best photos of pink grass you has to go further, to Masara cultural village, Ta Nang commune, Duc Trong, 80 km from the mountain town. This area is the contiguous place of Lam Dong - Binh Thuan, also where the Lang Biang Plateau begins to gradually decrease in altitude.

If you have a lot of time, you should camp overnight at Masara hill, wake up to enjoy the pink steppe in the sunrise. Before going to prepare enough camping equipment, tents, you can buy food when passing by Da Loan market, nearly 10 km from Masara. When camping, you should choose an area with little grass, away from the wind to avoid affecting the landscape.

The blooming season starts in September and doesn’t last long. November and December are the best months for a visit.

Pink grass is famous in Shanghai, China, and North America. However, you can easily come across fragile pink grass hills in a few places in Da Lat now. The grass fully blooming in the early winter makes dreamy scenery.

Not famous like wild sunflowers, mimosas or peach blossoms but pink grass has its own attraction, which makes a significant contribution to the romantic and poetic beauty for the City of Flower.

A closer look at the unique pink grass, which only blooms in Lac Duong and nearby locales in late November and early December each year.

Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
This is a kind of wild grass which naturally grows in immense pine forests in Da Lat.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
In the early morning, the first sun rays pour down the forest, the grasses become more twinkle with dew.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
And when the dew – drops disappear, the grass becomes more attractive with pink colour.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
This special grass usually grows along the peaceful and romantic village roads or beside red maple trees on hills, which make their colors brilliantly mixed.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
At the end of rain season, the beginning of dry season, when yellow colour of wild sunflowers have begun to fade, the wild grasses begin to bloom with wonderful pink colour covering immense pine forests.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
The pink grass was grown in La An hill, near Cu Lan village, 9 km from Da Lat city center, as the colorful carpet...
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
Countryside view to create the extremely unspoiled but charming scenery.
Romantic Pink Grass hills in Da Lat
A lot of visitors and photographers come to Da Lat to admire and capture beautiful moments of nature. This is also the best time to visit Da Lat for camping.
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