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Hanoi traffic policemen save drowning man

08:31 | 11/05/2020

Members of Patrol Team 3 under the Traffic Police Office of the Hanoi Municipal Police Department, were patrolling in Ninh So commune, Thuong Tin district, on the evening of May 8, when they heard someone calling for help.

hanoi traffic policemen save drowning man
The victim at the Police Station.

Hanoi police officers, including Lieutenant Colonel Do Trong Tuan, head of the team, Captain Nguyen Tuan Anh, Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Chi Cuong and Le Van Hai, swiftly drove two canoes to the scene.

Due to the darkness, fast flow river and heavy rain, it was very difficult to detect the location of the victim.

Finally, the police team found the victim, picked him up and took him ashore.

At the station of Waterway Traffic Team 3, the victim was cared by the medical staff and fed up by the policemen.

The victim is in a good health condition now although he still needs some time to recover completely.
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