Historian Duong Trung Quoc: Taking the spirit of National Day to look to the future

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Vietnam’s August Revolution and National Day September 2, Vietnam Times Magazine had a talk with the historian Duong Trung Quoc about the everlasting values ​​and significances of Vietnam’s Independence Day
August 31, 2020 | 08:13
75th anniversary of vietnams national day marked in several countries 75th anniversary of Vietnam's National Day marked in several countries
vietnams national day marked in canada and venezuela Vietnam’s National Day marked in Canada and Venezuela
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Member of the National Assembly, Historian Duong Trung Quoc.

As a witness of many ups and downs of the nation, how do you feel when celebrating Vietnam’s Independence Day annually?

The August Revolution in 1945 was the symbol of national unification. It was a great lesson with fundamental significances and creating a great change. It was a big difference.

What are fundaments, sir?

Throughout history, our forefathers always considered autonomy as so important, after 1,000 years under the Chinese rule, we regained autonomy with the victory over Southern Han invaders on Bach Dang River in 938. Nevertheless, the struggles after that could not find the new directions, so they finally returned to feudalism.

But, the August Revolution in 1945 constituted the great turning-point in Vietnamese history which marked the end of French colonialism, fascism as well as feudalism.

What have you paid attention most since "this great turning point"?

It is the political vision of President Ho Chi Minh. In 1945, the issue that President Ho Chi Minh concerned most was regaining national independence and ensuring food and clothing for the people. However, if re-reading his words, we could find the developmental line at that time was that Vietnam had to become an independent nation with efforts to build a modern political system.

President Ho Chi Minh convened the National People’s Congress Tan Trao which was a decision showing respect for the spirit of democracy and all social classes.

Regarding foreign policy, President Ho Chi Minh said rather simply but we have realized that it is truly a principle: “Vietnam wants to make friends with democratic countries and do not want to make hatred against anyone”; and many other advanced contents.

Therefore, the August Revolution and National Day is not only the opportunity for looking back to the past, but also taking it to look forward to the future.

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President Ho Chi Minh with revolutionary soldiers and compatriots at Ba Dinh Square on September 2, 1945.

For every country, the National Day is to look back to the past journeys. Besides praising the past, we also need to review what achievements we have obtained.

I attach the significances of the August Revolution with the COVID-19 fight in Vietnam currently. In fact, COVID-19 combat is as challenging as the revolution. Around the world, people consider it as a great war, forcing the countries to draw up the fight strategies as well as change the ways of living.

In the first phase of the COVID-19 fight, our country did so well. Many people around the world wondered why Vietnam, a developing country with limited technology can successfully control the pandemic? In my point of view, it is the spirit of the August Revolution. As the country is in danger, compatriots unite, raise national awareness, social awareness as well as patriotism.

Although it is a challenge for the entire population forcing them to change their ways of living, it is an opportunity for leaders to alter their ways of leadership as well as relationships with the people.

I think that from the highest leaders to the ordinary citizens all have the same idea of how to gain and win the people's populairty.

Thank you, Sir!

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