How to Discover Your Hidden Talents Easily and Quickly

Discovering what you are naturally good at can be challenging, but by following these steps, you can make the process of finding your hidden talents a lot easier.
April 24, 2022 | 10:22
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Feeling like you have abandoned your natural gifts of talents? You are not alone. Discovering your hidden talents can be incredibly difficult to do, so is keeping them.

Perhaps it is time to focus one what nurtures your natural gifts. When you see the roadblock: trying to determine what those talents are in the first place, here are seven simple but effective ways to find them.

1. Think about what you enjoy

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Photo: Getty Images

In today's fast-paced, hyper-connected society, where it is easy to drown in a never-ending stream of content, it is easy to lose sight of yourself and what makes you happy.

From time to time, it is important to consider what you enjoy doing, from your hobbies to your interests. It doesn't matter if it's playing a children sport or re-reading Vladimir Nabokov's short stories.

By doing some introspection, you can ensure that you can find your hidden talent because these little joys can tap into what you're good at.

2. Step outside of your comfort zone

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Photo: Shutterstock

We usually resist change because it means stepping out of your comfort zone. No matter how bored we become with our professional or personal lives, we don’t appreciate it when our comfort gets disrupted.

We get anxious, angry and apprehensive. But how can we advance our lives if we stick to what we know rather than what we don’t know?

The answer? You can’t – which means you will be stuck in a neutral zone, dissatisfied with life.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a necessity if you are searching for meaning, testing your strengths or improving your abilities. Whether you want to facilitate the nourishment of your mind or transition into a different career with a new talent, you need to take risks, muster up some energy and resist fear.

Build on a current skill you have, like composing music or writing poetry, then try an activity that you have never experienced before​​​​​​.

3. Experience the gifts of life

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Photo: Getty Images

There is one more thing that most people wish they could do but can’t because of cost, time or responsibilities: travel the world, see exotic sights and learn about new cultures.

By traveling, you are presented with a wide array of challenges, inspirations and struggles. For example, visiting a small British town might give you an idea for a novel or rock climbing in Northwest Australia might require you to test your endurance.

Photo: smallbiztrends
Photo: smallbiztrends

4. List your strengths and weaknesses

What are we good at? What are we bad at? You won’t truly know unless we think about it and write it down. And this is what you need to do moving forward.

First thing in the morning, or last thing before bed, sit down, grab a pen and paper, and outline your various strengths and weaknesses.

Not only could this help you get a better understanding of your hidden talents, but it can also serve as a good way to get your day started on the right track.

5. Start a daily journal

Keeping a daily journal, a sublime tool to both know who you are and what your gifts are, can serve as insight into your mind and as a log into your past.

One more thing: you don’t need to worry about spelling, grammar, style and the Oxford comma. Just write with reckless abandon of the English language and glimpse into yesterday, today and tomorrow.

6. Leave money out of the equation

How to Discover Your Hidden Talents Easily and Quickly

It has been often said that if you find a career you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Is this exceptional advice? You will eventually have an answer to this question in the coming years.

Learn to leave money out the the quest to find your hidden talents. Instead, focus on your passion and interests instead when determining your talents.

7. Don't be a copycat

Discovering who you are, identifying new interests and finding your hidden talents by looking to role models can be useful. Just don't copy them. By you are emulating other people's success, your talents might be even more deeply buried away.

The better alternative is to be inspired by their work ethic and brilliant minds and concentrate on what they themselves are inherently great at doing.

8. Ask for feedback

Oftentimes, trying to discover what you're good at comes by asking for feedback from family, friends, colleagues and professors. Their comments may be surprising to you because they may direct your attention towards things you never considered.

Finding your hidden talents can be an extensive, arduous and difficult process, but it is a lifelong adventure that never concludes. However, the more you try, the more you will be able to handle adversity – and this is a strength that you can be proud of.

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Photo: Getty Images
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