Implementing Directive 38-CT/TW of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat

Ahead the sixth National Congress of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat issued the Directive No. 38-CT/TW on continuing innovation, promoting the role and improving the quality and effectiveness of VUFO’s activities in the new situation.    
December 04, 2019 | 23:34
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The Vietnam Times would like to quote the basic contents of this Directive.

1.To continue affirming VUFO is a socio - political organization in-charge of people-to-people diplomacy in the fields of peace, solidarity, friendship and people's cooperation; and also a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, playing a pivotal role in people’s foreign affairs and foreign non-government aid mobilization; is an integral part of our country’s specialized forces in foreign affairs. Ensuring VUFO is well organized, VUFO staff is on the state payroll; ensuring its budget, remuneration policy and working conditions.

2. To further innovate, improve the quality and performance of VUFO under the motto “proactive, flexbile, creative, effective” by the following tasks and solutions:

- To promote well the role and responsibility of the VUFO Party's designated representation in leading, directing the organization and activities of the Union; especially in building and improving the quality of staff, contributing to ensuring the Party’s unified leadership and direction, the centralized management of the State, and close coordination between the people-to-people diplomacy, Party diplomacy and State diplomacy, forming the synergy of foreign affairs, meeting requirements in the new situation.

- To build a strong, streamlined and effective organization structure and personnel; to encourage the mobilization of social resources for VUFO's activities, while ensuring strict management according to regulations.

- Continue the expansion, multilateralization and diversification of partnerships, contributing to the enhancement of friendship and cooperation between the Vietnamese people and people of other countries; enlist the sympathy and widespread support of the world's people to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland of our people.

- Focus on the political content in VUFO’s external activities to enlist the widespread support, solidarity of people all over the world for Vietnam; protect the national interests, prestige and image of our country on the international arena, actively contribute to the common struggle of the world's people for peace, national independence, democracy and advancement.

- Actively mobilize overseas Vietnamese to contribute to building and defending the country, developing friendly and cooperative relations between our country and other countries.

- Improve the effectiveness of cooperation with foreign non-governmental organizations. Focus on improving the quality and effectiveness of aid mobilization of foreign NGOs.

- Strengthen VUFO’s research, forecast, advisory and external information work.

3. According to their functions and duties, the concerned agencies should coordinate closely with the Union, ensuring favorable conditions for the Union and its member organizations to perform and fulfill their assigned political duties.

4. The Ministry of Home Affairs shall guide VUFO to build an organizational structure similar to the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and the Vietnam Union of Literature and Art Association, ensuring the leanness and effectiveness.

5. The Government Party's Personnel Committee institutionalizes the Directive, unifies the management of organizational structure, payroll, operating funds, policies, salary regimes and allowances for full-time officials of the Union; have appropriate mechanisms and policies to mobilize social resources for the Union's activities according to mission requirements.

Translated by Ha Thuong


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