Reddi, a virtual mobile network, was launched.

Launch Reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055

On June 3, 2020, Mobicast Joint Stock Company organized an event to launch a virtual mobile network under the Reddi brand, with the prefix 055. Reddi uses the infrastructure of VNPT to provide services to customers.
June 05, 2020 | 07:08
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In this event, Reddi has officially registered to become one of the leading mobile network operator working in the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) model in Vietnam market, and also the first MVNO network operator to follow the development orientation of the comprehensive MVNO model (Full MVNO - the highest level of an MVNO).

launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055
Reddi officially joined the Vietnam mobile network

Taking advantage of the achievements and keeping up with the future trends of the telecommunications industry and technology such as 5G, IOT, e-sim, mobile money, ... Reddi mobile network will focus on developing and providing telecommunications and digital services solutions for young and modern customers through the mobile app platform, promoting the freedom of users’ experience and personalization.

The Reddi network committed not to generate junk SIM cards, only to develop real subscribers. All online and offline sales channels, applications, or system stores have a strict process to develop real subscribers right after launching.

launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055
Reddi's virtual mobile network with a prefix 055

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information & Communications, said that the Ministry highly appreciated Reddi's new approach to developing telecommunications and digital services for specific customer groups. At the same time, the Ministry also expects the development potential of MVNOs following the trend of digitalization in the Vietnam market.

A representative of VNPT Group - a strategic cooperation unit with Reddi, Mr. Huynh Quang Liem, Deputy General Director of the Group also said that promoting cooperation with MVNOs is an activity in the overall development strategy of VNPT, in order to catch up with the new technology wave, as well as changes in the business model and the general development orientation of the telecommunications industry.

launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055
Photo: VnExpress

In the context that telecom operators are strongly involved in the digital service ecosystem, especially cashless payment services, Reddi's entry into the telecommunications market is expected to promote the developing diversifiedly new services with high quality and customer-centricity to bring new and different experiences.

launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055

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launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055

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launch reddi virtual mobile network with prefix 055

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