Mouth-watering dishes to savor on chilly days in Hanoi

Coming to Hanoi on chilly days, don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the following mouth-watering dishes.
October 26, 2020 | 15:48
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"Cháo sườn" (Pork rib porridge)

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Photo: VNExpress

There is nothing more perfect than savoring a bowl of pork rib porridge in the chilly air in Hanoi. The rib porridge is often served with “quẩy” (fried dough stick). The main ingredients of pork rib porridge include ground rice flour and pork ribs. Some eaters add “ruốc” (shredded pork) or quail eggs for a tastier bowl of porridge, VNExpress reported.

Pork rib porridge is ubiquitous in Hanoi and sold at the price of VND 15,000 – VND 40,000 (US$0.65- US$1.7). The renowned places selling pork rib porridge in Hanoi are Huyen Anh shop and shop 37 at Luong Su C alley.

“Bánh giò” (pyramidal rice dumpling)

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Photo: VNExpress

“Bánh giò” is made from ordinary rice and filled with wood ear, minced pork and fried onion. The dish can be served with various kinds of sausages and pickled cucumber. Eaters can add spices such as soy sauce, chili sauce and pepper to their taste. Some recommended addresses to sample “Bánh giò” in Hanoi are shops at 33 Dong Cac, 5 Thuy Khue and Hang Than slope. The price of each “Bánh giò” ranges from VND 20,000 – VND 35,000 (US$0.86- US$1.5).

“Bánh trôi tàu” (sticky rice balls)

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Photo: VNExpress

“Bánh trôi tàu” is one of the indispensable dishes on winter days in Hanoi. “Bánh trôi tàu” is made from glutinous rice flour, filled with mung beans, dipped into coconut milk and sprinkled with roasted peanuts on the top. The price of a bowl of “Bánh trôi tàu” is VND 15000 (US$0.65). Shops at 30 Hang Giay, 90 De To Hoang or 4 Hang Can are among well-known places in Hanoi selling best “Bánh trôi tàu”.

Bánh chưng rán” (Fried Bánh chưng)

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Photo: VNExpress

“Bánh chưng” is a traditional Vietnamese rice cake which is made from glutinous rice, mung beans and pork wrapped in dong leaves. “Fried bánh chưng" is a favorite dish of many Vietnamese people. You can easily see “fried bánh chưng” sold anywhere in Hanoi especially when the winter draws near. “Fried bánh chưng” is often served with pickled cucumber, soy sauce, chilly sauce and sausage. A portion of “fried bánh chưng” costs VND15,000- VND 30,000 (US$0.65- US$1.3). Some addresses to savor “fried bánh chưng” in Hanoi are shops which are opposite the Dong Xuan market, at 76 Truong Dinh or 1B Thanh Ha.

“Quẩy đùi gà” ( Sweet fried dough stick)

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Photo: Chubehanoi/ via VNExpress

“Quẩy” is slightlysweet, crispy, and has unique taste from sesame. The hot and fragrant bagful of “quẩy” will surely make your day. “Quẩy” is sold for VND 1000- VND2000 /each (US$0.04- US$0.08). You can buy “quẩy” at some places at 20 Nguyen Tuan, 210 Quan Nhan or 8/3 Quynh Mai Street, etc.

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