Mui Ne - where the blue sea meets the colorful sand hills

Mui Ne (Binh Thuan province) is famous for its blue sea with coconut trees, white, red sandhill and magnificent roads.
July 29, 2020 | 11:24
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phu quoc mui ne among asias most idyllic beaches Phu Quoc, Mui Ne among Asia’s most idyllic beaches
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Mui Ne. Photo: Zing

The sound of the sea every morning

About 14 km from Phan Thiet city center, from a remote fishing village on the pristine coastline, amidst vast sand dunes, Mui Ne gradually becomes a well-known tourist center of Binh Thuan province. On the journey of discovery, tourists will be immersed in the colorful picture when crossing the blue sea, red sandhills, white sand dunes ...

At the dawn, walking along Ham Tien beach, watching the silhouettes of coconut trees leaning on the sand and a series of colorful coracles on Ong Dia rocky beach are such memorable scenes.

Around is the sound of the waves hugging the sand, the wind blowing on the coconut tops, the fishing village market crowded with buyers and sellers far away. Slow down a beat, close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on listening. The sound is not only invisible waves that touch your hearing, but also bring its own tunes that contain the "taste" of the sea.

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Walking along the beach. Photo: Zing
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Blue sea and white sand. Photo: Zing
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Colorful coracles. Photo: Zing
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Ong Dia rocky beach. Photo: Zing
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Peaceful scene. Photo: Zing

Sandy land of sunshine and wind

Leaving the sea, tourists should come to the most beautiful "sub-deserts" in Vietnam, including red, white sandhills and flying sand dunes. In particular, Bau Trang sand dunes are famous for yellow coconut cars and the beautiful check-in route. In the "sub-desert," due to the wind, the sand forms many interesting shapes. The sun keeps spreading, the wind is still blowing but absolutely that could not make the 2 red and white colors of the sand dunes blend into one.

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A typical check-in site of the young. Photo: Zing
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Tourists on Red sand dune. Photo: Zing
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Photo: Zing
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Photo: Zing
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Famous car on the sandhills. Photo: Zing
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Picturesque scene. Photo: Zing
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The White sand dune. Photo: Zing
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Mui Ne's road. Photo: Zing
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One of the most beautiful roads of Vietnam. Photo: Zing
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