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Download the latest version of PUBG Mobile to experience the number one battle royale game today! Play against millions of players worldwide and take the victory! Unlock plenty of weapons and skins!
October 16, 2020 | 10:51

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Over the years, the battle royale genre has slowly evolved. Shifting from just the classic to taking over all the action games today. Nowadays, you can find the battle royale genre as the main or a subgenre in a lot of popular action mobile games. But when it comes to classic gameplay, nothing beats PUBG Mobile!

The game that started it all, PUBG Mobile was released in March 23, 2017 but it’s still played by millions today. Having over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone, the game continues to skyrocket in popularity. Now, it has been through numerous updates and it’s looking sharper than ever! Participate in 100 player matches to see who will come out on top. Can you take the call of duty?

What is PUBG Mobile?There are plenty of battle royale games available to play today. But if you’re looking for a classic, PUBG Mobile is for you! The game that started it all, this one is the game that’s played by millions even before Fortnite became mainstream. Why? Because it introduced a lot of features that you can find in most battle royale games today.

Launched on March 23, 2017, the game grew in popularity achieving 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. So, what makes this game so fun and exciting? Aside from battle royale, there are plenty of skins, weapons and other items in here. You will appreciate the variety of characters and the depth of the graphics in here. Play with friends now!

Features of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a classic battle royale game that is made for all FPS players. This one is the most popular battle royale game right now. Here are its features:

Incredible Gameplay – When you talk about battle royale games, you can’t get PUBG Mobile out of the conversation. After all, it’s one of the most popular battle royale games today. More than 10 million people play this game monthly worldwide! Before Fortnite, this one came to the scene and made battle royale a mainstream genre. But what sets this apart from the rest is the classic gameplay. You’ll get a timeless gameplay that just works from day one up to today. Nothing can beat this game when it comes to replayability and classic gameplay. Like other battle royale games, this one allows you to play against 99 other players on the map. The goal is simple – be the last one standing! You can go solo or with a group for more fun!

Plenty of Weapons and Items – As an FPS game, PUBG Mobile features plenty of unlockable weapons you can play! There are a lot to choose from categories such as pistols, assault rifle, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles and more! There are some common names in here such as M16, Scar-L, AUG A3 and many more. Of course, these weapons will be scattered all throughout the map, so you need to collect them as you go. There are also other unlockable items in here such as armors, grenades and others. Overall, there are a lot of fun things to unlock in here, you can even get skins!

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Game Modes – As a battle royale game, PUBG Mobile offers plenty of game modes for you to play. The main one is the Solo Mode. Then there’s the Solos FPP which allows you to only play in the first-person perspective. There’s also the Duos, Squads, Zombies and War. Overall, there are plenty of game modes to enjoy in this game along with your friends. Speaking of friends, you can also create clans in here! Enjoy rewards by playing with your friends and family.

Massive Maps – While other battle royale games only feature a single map, PUBG Mobile offers many maps to play in! These are all massive and detailed to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. There are maps such as Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel and many more. There are also day/night cycles and dynamic weather to give a realistic experience for players. There are tons of terrains in here so you’ll have a grand time playing the game.

Insane Graphics and Controls – Although PUBG Mobile doesn’t feature colorful graphics like Fortnite, it does offer a classic graphics style. You get to enjoy beautiful sceneries and realistic FPS action scenes in this game thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 that is powering this game. Beyond that, the controls are also top-notch as you can customize it to however you want! This allows players to do so much more on mobile phones.

Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile may seem like the most popular battle royale game, but you’ll get easily confused if you’re a beginner. That’s why we’ve curated some tips for you:

Tweak your settings – The most common mistake that beginners make in this game is not tweaking their settings. This is because they think that the default settings will already suffice them. But you’ll soon realize that this is a big mistake! Professional and good players always set their settings to their gameplay and device. This means tweaking your sensitivities, changing your HUD and so on.

Turn on aim – If you want your game to be easier, you need to turn on aim assist. As long as you’re pointing in the right direction, you’ll hit the opponent easily. This will allow you to annihilate opponents easier especially on a mobile phone.

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Don’t engage in combat if not needed – The last man standing in PUBG Mobile is the winner. But it doesn’t say that the one with the most kills win! For this reason, you don’t need to engage in unnecessary combat. Focus on surviving and you’ll get farther!

PUBG Mobile Download and Price

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Final Thoughts

PUBG Mobile is a fun and classic battle royale game for everyone! Play with your friends and enjoy the most realistic PFS game ever on a mobile phone. Impress your friends with different skins and your skills and take the victory! Can you survive?

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