PUBG Mobile Indian comeback- Initially available on Android, pre-registrations on Tap Tap app

PUBG Mobile come back in India is a good news for online multiplayer battle royale game lovers in the country. After the ban on Sepetember 2, PUBG Corporation that owns PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile India, and PUBG Mobile Lite titles has set up its Indian subsidiary and has registered the company in India and it is rumored that the most preferred game might be only installed for Android users, the pre-registrations for PUBG Mobile in India are now live on the TapTap app.
November 25, 2020 | 14:34

*APK Download link of Pubg Mobile India - Official Website

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Update: PUBG Relaunch in India between January 15 and January 19, 2021?

With the whole FAUG vs PUBG debate fueling now, there are a lot of rumours floating in the air regarding PUBG’s comeback in India. Though PUBG’s relaunch date is not yet decided, there is a video that was uploaded on YouTube with the news saying the second trailer of PUBG India might release between January 15 and January 19, 2021.

The post read “The teaser will contain few of the biggest PUBG Content Creators of India.” This is definitely good news for all the players who have been waiting for PUBG’s return in India, after PUBG was banned in September 2020.

Some reports have hinted that PUBG Corporation is making attempts to reach out to the Indian government so that they can work out the details of PUBG Mobile India’s relaunch in India in March. However, no confirmation has been given out. With the hopes of being reinstated in the country, PUBG Mobile India has been registered as a new company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid-up investment of Rs 5 lakh.

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According to Zeenews, the company has been registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid-up investment of Rs 5 lakh. The company was registered on November 21 and it is expected that PUBG Mobile India will be launched soon.

According to the updates, the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile India will be initially available only for users on the Android platform. It is likely that the company would release the game for iOS users after a few days.

The new company is registered in Bengaluru which means that the company may keep Bengaluru as its headquarters for the Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation and will control the operations of PUBG Mobile India game.

Krafton’s head of corporate development, Sean (Hyunil) Sohn has been appointed as one of the two directors of PUBG Mobile India. The other director is Kuma Krishnan Iyer .

Earlier, PUBG Corporation had announced its plan to invest USD 100 million into a new company that would serve as the Indian subsidiary of the PUBG Corporation. The company has also decided to go solo in India.

it may be recalled that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile app was banned by the Indian government in September over national security issues.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India - New Name of PUBG Mobile

India pre-registrations for the Indian version are now live on the Tap Tap app

Should PUBG players fall for this Pre-Registration page ?

Answer to this is very simple. The Corporation is yet to officially announce anything on the Registrations. InsideSport’s view is that the players should wait for official announcements by the company before registering or exposing themselves on any Pre-Registration call, InsideSport reported.

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'According to some reports, the APK version of the game was also released on Friday on the official website of the company for a couple of hours. The APK version was available for download but the gamers faced difficulties in downloading it.

Again the same issue – the Corporation is yet to announce any development in this regard.

The game is inching closer to its comeback and releases as PUBG India Private Limited registers as an Indian company. The Indian version much anticipated return has kept fans on the edge, earlier this month the company had put out coming soon posts and also a teaser to the trailer. The game had announced an Indian version but had reported troubles with the ministry. We can expect to see the game very soon.

It is likely that all transactions of Indian version and other operations of the Corporation will happen through this Indian subsidiary. Or to put it in other words, this means that the Corporation has begun the process of setting up full-fledged operations within India.

Big 100 Million dollar investment

The Corporation has $100 Million USD Investment as promised seems to be coming and we can hope to see the esports scene in India back on track with the game that driving it mainstream.

The game is looking to hire software engineers for the game to be developed further locally. This job posting on LinkedIn will possibly be one of many to come. It looks like the Corporation is well on its way to fulfill its promises of developing the gaming and esports industry in India.

*APK Download link of Pubg Mobile India - Official Website

How to download PUBG Mobile Indian version on Tap Tap?

1. First download the TapTap app via an APK link by clicking on the TapTap website.

2. Now login or create a new TapTap account to start using it.

3. Soon after this, look for PUBG Mobile India in the search option and click on the game.

4. Now, click on the ‘pre-registration’ option and you are done with it.

The APK version of PUBG Mobile India was on Friday released on the official website of the company for a couple of hours. The APK version was available for download but the gamers faced difficulties in downloading it, according to India.

At this moment, the PUBG Mobile India website is currently featured on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube links and says ‘Coming Soon.’

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