'Religion in Contemporary Society' Training Course Launched

The training course "Religion in contemporary society" was organized for lecturers and researchers interested in the field of religion, and officers from central and local departments.
December 26, 2021 | 17:05
Training Course 'Religion in Contemporary Society' Launched
Overview of the training course "Religion in contemporary society".

The program is part of the cooperation between the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, the Religious Studies Center of Brigham Young University (USA), the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), and the Vietnam-US Society (belonging to the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations).

Speaking at the opening of the training course, Assoc. Prof Le Van Loi affirmed that cooperation in terms of education, training, and scientific research between the parties had started since 2018.

Since then, it has created coordination in training and scientific research, providing an academic environment that helps both sides access and grasp the methods and views on religion between the West and the East.

Training activities to foster knowledge have contributed to updating a number of new issues about religion and belief in the world and in Vietnam.

It updates the Party's new views on religion in the Document of the 13th National Party Congress, and the new policies of our State towards religion and belief.

Le Van Loi suggested that participants raise their sense of responsibility, and participate in exchanges with domestic and international scholars.

From there, the training course will help teachers who are lecturers in the Academy system, lecturers of political schools, and leaders working in the field of religion who have the opportunity to comprehend and improve awareness.

They will then contribute to the sustainable and comprehensive development of Vietnam in the fields of research and teaching as well as the implementation of policies on religion.

The training course will last for four days, and is a continuation of previous cooperation activities in training, fostering and scientific research. During the course, students will learn about religion and religious policy.

Appropriate policy recommendations on religion

At the opening ceremony of the training course, Bui Van Nghi, secretary-general of the Vietnam-US Society, said that over the past two decades, the Society and the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) had effectively coordinated with a number of Vietnamese, foreign agencies and organizations to organize international conferences, as well as training on religion and law at agencies in research and training institutions in Vietnam.

The short-term training course on religion with the theme "Religion in contemporary society" took place from December 7-10, 2021, and is the continuation of this cooperation process.

Bui Van Nghi also said that the training course on religion continued to be a meaningful event.

It is not only a training class on religious knowledge but also an interesting forum for Vietnamese and international scholars and researchers to exchange information and views on various issues.

These are around ensuring the freedom of belief and religion on the basis of universal values of the world, historical traditions and the cultural identities of each country, including Vietnam.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been having a negative impact on all aspects of social life in all countries, he said.

In that context, the Vietnam-US Society and IGE had made efforts to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic, and continue to maintain and implement cooperation activities with practical content.

That is to increase information sharing, and Vietnam's achievements and efforts in ensuring freedom of belief and religion are widely recognized by the international community.

“I believe and expect this course to be a good opportunity for speakers and learners to participate in discussions. They will analyze new issues in theory and practice, countries' experiences in ensuring freedom of belief and religion, and handling conflicts," Nghi said.

"From there, they make appropriate assessments and policy recommendations to create a harmonious relationship between religion and social life, for the goal of building a peaceful, friendly and prosperous world.”

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