Russian girl’s first time trying Chung cake and pickled onions, in video

Sonya Firsova says Chung cake boasts a distinct and mouth-watering taste, and she has fallen in love with pickled onions on her first try.
February 10, 2021 | 16:05
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(Video: VNE)

It tastes like porridge in Russia, but our porridge is sweet while this one is kind of salty”, Sonya expressed her first impression of Chung cake after the first bite.So yummy”.

She said the cake had a distinct flavor that she could not find in any Russian, European or Chinese dishes. For her, the skin of Chung cake tastes a bit like Xoi (sticky rice) – another iconic dish of Vietnamese people.

Besides, Sonya was also struck by the pickled onions. After taking a mouthful bite, she exclaimed “It’s so delicious. It like a salad, or the pickled cucumber in Russia, but is way more delicous as the onion has a stronger flavor, more juicy and crispy”.

Pickled onion is my favorite Vietnamese food now”, she added.

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Sonya Firsova (Photo: VNE)

Chung cake and pickled onions are two must-have dishes of the Vietnamese people in Lunar New Year (Tet). Chung cake was invented by the 18th Prince of Hung Emperor in the contest of looking for the new Emperor. According to the legend, 3,000-4,000 years ago, Prince Lang Lieu, made round and square cakes, the round Day cake symbolizing the sky and the square Chung cake symbolizing the Earth (under the ancient Vietnamese perception), to be offered on the occasion of Spring.

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