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The artistry of Mui Ne

The artistry of Mui Ne's dunes at sunset

22:42 | 24/05/2021

Inspired by artist Le Huy Tiep's breathtaking oil-painting, Mien Trung, a foreigner attempts to recreate the stunning piece during his recent trip to Mui Ne.

Top 3 breathtaking undersea paths in Vietnam

Top 3 breathtaking undersea paths in Vietnam

06:20 | 14/06/2020

 With over 3,000 km of coastal line, Vietnam is truly a heaven for beach bums. Not only boasts crystal-clear water and long stretches of white sand, Vietnam's beaches are also home to gorgeous undersea paths that leave a lasting impression on visitors.   


Vietnam's Bai Tu Long Bay under the camera of foreigner

15:30 | 02/06/2020

Jason Andrews had recorded a stunning video of Bai Tu Long Bay, northern Vietnam after her trip to the stunning hotspot last year. In the video, Bai Tu Long appears to be a secluded, pristine bay with turquoise water, majestic islets, small fishing boats sailing through the water, depicting Andrews' love for the destination. 

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