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Suggestions to the Party Congress of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations

Three Key Missions

10:03 | 16/07/2020

In an interview with Vietnam Times magazine on the suggestions to the 9th Party Congress of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), Mr. Tran Dac Loi - former Vice President of VUFO, the former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Commission for Foreign Relations of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs and Overseas Vietnamese, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Peace and Development Fund-emphasized the three key missions to be promoted : Consolidating and improving the efficiency of the apparatus and organization; Improving the political effectiveness in professional work and the Education of international awareness of the masses.    

hufo handed over rice atm and supported rice to people in difficulties due to covid 19 epidemic HUFO handed over rice ATM and supported rice to people in difficulties due to Covid-19 epidemic
indonesian ambassador sends a congratulatory letter to the vufo president Indonesian Ambassador sends a congratulatory letter to the VUFO President
cambodian ambassador sends a congratulatory letter to the vufo president Cambodian Ambassador sends a congratulatory letter to the VUFO President
three key missions
Mr. Tran Dac Loi - former Vice President of VUFO, the former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Commission for Foreign Relations of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs and Overseas Vietnamese, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Peace and Development Fund

Reporter: Could you please give your opinions on the working results that VUFO and its member units have achieved in recent years?

Mr Tran Dac Loi: I find VUFO’s current situation faced many challenges and difficulties, including many objective difficulties such as funding, staffing, and policies for officials, facility conditions are still limited, the staffs of the VUFO’s member associations at all levels have uneven experience and knowledge on people-to-people relationship; leadership is still lacking ... However, despite such difficulties, the VUFO has successfully completed basic objectives in continuing to maintain, strengthen and develop the relationship network with international organizations, friends and partners. In addition, the member associations regularly take practical activities to maintain those partnerships

The VUFO has played an active role in foreign non-governmental work, mobilizing non-governmental aid for the cause of hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, overcoming the war consequences, natural disasters, climate change, supporting disadvantaged areas ... helping our country's sustainable development. Our country has become a middle-income country in the world but it is the significant achievement to be still maintainably paid attentions and support by non-governmental organizations.

Recently, the VUFO has also participated actively in activities to protect national interests. In particular, the most practical one is to introduce and propagate the Vietnam’s stance and mobilize international friends to support Vietnam's position on the East Sea issue.

The VUFO’s member associations also participate in international forums and conferences to fight, oppose against wrong and misleading views on human rights issues in Vietnam, fight against re-organized forces against Vietnam, protecting the country’s image and position in international forums. There are many activities and research products contributing to awareness raising such as a sharp information tool through Vietnam Times Magazine having had publications and news websites in many languages to bring information to a large number of international and domestic readers, contributing to a creation of a proper awareness of the situation in Vietnam and taking advantage of international friends’ support.

three key missions
The Vietnam-US Alumni Club in Hanoi (belonging to the Vietnam-USA Society) has contributed 300,000 masks to the US people against COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter: Basing on your many years working in the field of foreign affairs, Do you have any expectations or suggestions for the VUFO’s Party Congress this time as well as the people-to-people relationship in the coming time?

Mr Tran Dac Loi: In my opinion, the Party Committee’s most important task in the next tenure is to discuss how to continue strengthening the organizational structure, further improving the quality of the VUFO’s human resources.

The new situation raises new requirements. In the last time, the system of the VUFO’s members have been growing very rapidly in both central and local levels. In the coming time, the activities of the central members need to be uniformed in order to fully implement their duties. In short, in my opinion, it is necessary to pay attention to and consolidate the system of the VUFO’s member associations in the future. In particular, how to make VUFO’s member associations from central to local levels in their most effective operation through the measures of review, reorganization and consolidation of personnel. The VUFO’s standing body should be paid attentions for its both quantity and quality.

The tasks set for the VUFO in the coming time are to focus on both recruitment and retraining so that its officials can be certainly enabled to carry out their required work. This is not easy to be implemented as soon as wanted because of its fully required process and the need of more positive and powerful solutions. And, it is very important for VUFO standing departments’ full-time officials to be fully aware of the requirements and characteristics of the people-to-people relationship.

three key missions
Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Association and Vietnam alumni club in Cuba donate more than VND 1.5 billion (USD 70,000) to help Cuban people fight againt the COVID-19.

The second key is to innovate and improve the VUFO’s operational efficiency. One of the must for its requirements need further improve the political effectiveness in people-to-people relation activities. Because the people-to-people relationship plays its special role in touching people’s heart, leading all countries’ international friends correctly realize and understand Vietnam.

They will understand our policy directions, the progressive and humane regime, the correctness of our policies so that they themselves agree with and support our good goals. From the past up to now, the progressive people in the world has supported us not because of our rich and prosperous country. We must get ourselves rich and strengthened, but we only enlist the international friends’ solidarity if they find us worthy. It means that our path is the right path, right thing, the truth and the righteousness. Our actions are ethical and the humanity’s values and progress. The propaganda should be done for them (international friends ) to also realize and wish theirs look like Vietnam. We are doing the things which they desire for their own society

Today, our target is to build a socialist-oriented society whose regime of people, by people and for people. Our foreign policy is to make international friends understand those spiritual values for their share and support. Since then, external meetings, external activities, and external information have all aimed at making friends aware of Vietnam in a positive way to agree with and support us. That is to improve the political efficiency in foreign affairs.

three key missions
VUFO awarded VND 30 million (USD 1400) to the Vietnam Fatherland Front in support of the COVID-19 prevention and control.

It is another key point should be paid much attention by VUFO for it to educate the mass people’s international awareness. Previously, the work of foreign relations mainly focused on a number of agencies and organizations. Today, our country has integrated for both economic and cultural exchanging, for both information and even people connection. Currently, there are many foreigners living, working and studying in Vietnam. They are in contact with us every day, so the people-to-people relations take place everywhere from the people to higher level organizations. Therefore, a home affair will also become the foreign affair, an individual's action can affect the awareness of both society and the international community.

Because of these above factors, I think that during this period, the core role of the VUFO in people-to-peole relationship is no longer limited in the cooperation between the VUFO and other mass organizations for the State’s foreign affairs, but also actively participates in the education of entire people’s awareness and orientation to join in external activities. In the context of the current booming information, especially the development of social networks, or the penetration of external information sources, the education for all people’s awareness and orientation to engage in foreign activities becomes a extreme must.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Reporter: Sir, our country has recently achieved a proud results in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is supposed to be the shared efforts of the entire Party and people. Joining hands with the whole country in the prevention of epidemics-the VUFO, how do you evaluate the role of the VUFO in the above results?

Mr Tran Dac Loi:The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and its member associations have actively taken many meaningful initiatives, called on donations to support international friends in both spirit and material through practical actions, such as donating masks, money, sharing with countries around the world about the experience for the epidemic prevention.

These meaningful activities spread the tradition of Vietnamese’ kindness, international solidarity and loyalty to friends in the world. That contributes to further strengthen international friends’ friendship and trust to Vietnam. I hope and believe that, based on this experience and tradition, the VUFO and its member associations will continue to promote their strengths and advantages in the future.

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Huu Bac ( Translated by Tarah Nguyen)