Top 10 Things You Do Wrong When Cold Calling and How to Fix Them

According to professional marketer Charlie Cook, about 2% of cold calls result in a sale, and there is always something you can do better to make this number go up. Engage with your clients today with these simple cold calling tips!
April 13, 2022 | 22:21
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Photo: smallbiztrends

Commonly known as telemarketing, cold calling occurs when sales reps connect for a sales conversation, usually via telephone, with potential customers with whom they’ve had no prior contact and who have not requested the information or expressed any prior interest in the product or service being sold.

Cold calling has been going on since the invention of the telephone, and here are the tips for you an effective sales strategy in 2022.

1. Pre-call Research is a Must

Do not expect to find success calling random numbers and speaking to whoever happens to answer the phone. Cold calling must be done strategically.

To effectively communicate your sales pitch, you have to have some understanding of the prospect on the phone. Ask yourself: Who is on the other end of the line, and what makes them a target customer?

2. Write a Cold Calling Script

Be sure to rely on cold calling scripts when engaging in telemarketing activities. Sales reps who create cold calling scripts for their sales pitch can boost conversion rates by ensuring every element of a successful cold call is included in their telemarketing efforts.

3. Best Calling Times

Studies have found the best time for a cold caller to reach a prospect is between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. or 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. – NOT first thing Monday morning!

Also, cold callers are more likely to schedule an appointment or make a sale on Wednesday or Thursday, according to

Photo: smallbiztrends
Photo: smallbiztrends

4. Test Opening Lines

Successful sales professionals will write and practice a variety of opening lines, then take note which are most successful during their cold calls. Practice your opening lines!

Remember, while you want to capture your lead’s attention, initially stating the purpose of the call increases conversion rates.

After making calls, review what parts of the selling process were effective and revise your routine.

5. Aim for Longer Cold Calls

Short cold calls usually are not successful cold calls.

When crafting a cold calling script, be sure to plan for the entire structure of the call, including a hook, touching prospects pain points, a value proposition and a call to action.

Photo: smallbiztrends
Photo: smallbiztrends

6. Use Your Best Closing Line

Your closing line can be just as important to your success rate as your opening line.

Create and practice your best closing line, and be sure you leave your prospects wondering why they didn’t already close the deal with you. The lead will remember your pitch and be waiting for your next call.

7. Schedule a Follow-up

The follow-up call is a key element of the sales process and a necessary aspect of making cold calls. After all, only about 2% of sales are made during the initial cold call. That leaves 98% of deals that would be missed without some type of follow up call or follow up appointment.

Prepare to leave professional, polite voicemails for prospects, and schedule times to call people back when they are available.

8. Master Your Tone

Sales reps who sound bored aren’t going to attract much interest among their leads. Prospects won’t get excited to hear about a product from a cold caller who sounds shy, angry, sad or annoyed. When rehearsing your cold calling script, add in a positive attitude and an appropriate tone.

9. State Your Full Name

Provide your full names as well as the name of your company at the beginning of the call. Do not wait for them to ask. Callers who use their full name command respect. It is also a common manner in professional context.

10. Keep It Professional

A professional telemarketer will steer the cold call back to its purpose.

It’s important to know your target customer and speak to them in an appropriate manner. Are you reaching out to consumers or engaging in b2b cold calling? Are you speaking to an executive-level decision maker? Ask yourself how you would make the cold call that attract interest among their leads.

Photo: smallbiztrends
Photo: smallbiztrends
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