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Transparent face masks become hot trend

August 04, 2020 | 07:21

Due to COVID-19, masks become a must for people in public, and a transparent one has turned to a hot and fashinable trend.  

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Transparent face mask.

Transparent face masks have been produced since June, inspired by the idea that the smiles could be seen despite wearing a mask. From the beginning of July, LEAF - US medical supplies - launched the clear mask recognized by FDA. According to this brand, the mask is equipped with a N99+ HEPA filter, destroying 99.99% of a wide variety of microbes.

Waterproof and reusable up to one month as it is, the mask costs $49.

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This is also called invisible mask

We designed Leaf to be transparent so we could be our normal selves even in abnormal times,” states the LEAF team.

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A new fashion item

According to Independent, the transparent face masks strike people's curiosity about strange and fashionable items. Earlier, this mask was worn as accessories of fashion icons in London Fashion Week 2020 when COVID-19 exploded.

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The mask presents a lot on Instagram.

An important usage of transparent face mask is that it is helpful for deaf people, especially in communication.

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The young quickly update this trend on Instagram.

For those who like technology, the LEAF Pro works in tandem with an iOS/Android app to control ventilation and check air quality in your immediate area. It will also give you information about your metabolism and CO2 levels.

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Besides the US and Scotland, China now joins the fashion trend

Asian markets now begin to research and produce this kind of mask. However, it meets concerns about the clear mask's side effects. As being made from plastics, it seems not to be eco - friendly.

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Transparent mask now penetrates into Vietnam.

Although there is no verification on its quality, the mask is being sold rampantly on online bases, from 110,000 VND do 170,000 VND. The expensive cost also put a challenge to attract consumers.

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Despite not being verified, the masks are very favorable.
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A new fashion trend
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A lot of people begin to use this mask
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