Vietnam spectacularly won the "Tourism Oscar" awards

According to the World Travel Awards, Vietnam has just been honored as "The World's Leading Heritage Destination 2020", also known as the "Oscar" of the tourism industry.
November 30, 2020 | 11:38
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On November 27, in Moscow, Russian Federation, the World Travel Awards Organization announced the global top awards in 2020, in which Vietnam won the prestigious "World's Top Heritage Destination" award. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said that this is the second consecutive year that Vietnam has won a spectacular victory in this category, continuing to affirm the attraction of Vietnam's tourism on the international map.

This year, in order to achieve the prestigious "World's Top Heritage Destination" award, Vietnam has surpassed the candidates of Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Moscow (Russian Federation), Porto, Northern Portugal, and Saudi Arabia.

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Considered the "Oscar of the travel industry", the results of the World Travel Awards are obtained after a year of evaluation and commentary by experts in the tourism industry and the international public. On this occasion, Mr. Graham Cooke, Founder of the World Travel Awards, congratulates and affirms that the world's top award winners deserve to be considered as the best examples in the global tourism industry. "They all have shown strong resilience in a year with unprecedented challenges," Mr. Graham Cooke stressed.

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The fact that Vietnam has been honored in the category of "World's Top Heritage Destination" for two consecutive years has affirmed the country's leading attraction of natural as well as cultural resources. At the same time, this prestigious award is also a testament to Vietnam's achievements in preserving and promoting the country's heritage. This is a golden opportunity to continue to enhance the status, and widely promote the potentials and strengths of Vietnam's tourism to the world.

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Previously, on November 3, 2020, at the ceremony to announce the results of voting for the World Travel Awards in Asia 2020, Vietnam was also honored to be the winner in the following categories: "Asia's Leading Heritage Destination", "Asia's Leading Cultural Destination" and "Asia's Leading Culinary Destination".

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It can be said that these international awards are also proof that Vietnamese tourism has become well-known to the international community. These prestigious awards are the motivation and opportunity for the Vietnamese to continue to widely promote the potentials and strengths of their homeland's tourism.

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Launched in 1993, World Travel Awards recognizes, rewards, and celebrates excellence in all areas of the tourism industry. Nowadays, World Travel Awards is globally recognized as the highest standard of quality in the travel industry.

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