Vietnamese-born Australian brings Vietnamese cuisine closer to Australian

In spite of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bao Hoang, a Vietnamese-born Australian, the owner of a restaurant chain franchising Vietnamese dishes named Rôll'đ in Australia has made efforts to maintain the operation and even open more new branches.
February 20, 2021 | 07:35
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Having a great passion for Vietnamese cuisine

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Bao Hoang, a Vietnamese-born Australian, has a great passion for Vietnamese cuisine.

Photo: captured from Gastrology.

Bao Hoang, 38, graduated from the University of Melbourne (Australia) in 2005, majoring in physiotherapy. Nevertheless, he has a great passion for cuisine especially Vietnamese cuisine. Bao Hoang brings not only Vietnamese dishes but also its culture closer to Australian people through unique recipes handed down by his mother, Mrs. Thi Phien Hoang, a Vietnamese- born woman moved to Australia in the early 1980s.

Apart from Rll’đ, Bao Hoang owns the restaurant chain of Mama's Bưởi in cities of Melbourne and Sydney (New South Wales). According to Bao Hoang, if Rôll'đ represents Vietnamese street food, Mama's Bưởi is a restaurant for the family which serves “homemade” dishes such as “thịt kho tàu” (caramelized pork and eggs), “sườn kho”(braised pork ribs), etc.

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Rôll'đ restaurant chain sells Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, pho, banh mi, “Bún bò Huế” (Hue- style beef noodle soup). Photo: captured from Gastrology.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Bao Hoang along with his classmate Ray Esquieres and cousin Tin Ly opened the first branch of Rôll’đ restaurant chain in the central Melbourne city (Victoria state) in May 2012. With the initial capital of 180,000 AUD (about 3 billion VND), they bought a coffee shop and renovated it into a restaurant called Rôll’đ selling Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, pho and banh mi. Besides, “Bún bò Huế” (Hue-style beef noodle soup), a dish that Bao Hoang likes most, has also become a signature dish in his restaurant chain.

Since the Rôll’đ restaurant was launched, it has attracted a large number of eaters every day. Seeing the great potential, Bao Hoang decided to open three more branches and up to 14 within only 4 months. To date, the restaurant chain of Rôll'đ has more than 85 branches across the land of kangaroos, with an estimated total value of tens of millions of AUD. In addition, these restaurant branches have created jobs for about 1,800 people.

Making efforts to surmount challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has exerted adverse impacts on the business activities of the Rôll’đ restaurant. The turnover has slumped by 80%; hence, Bao Hoang was forced to cut 800 out of 1,800 employees.

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Bao Hoang along with his classmate Ray Esquieres and cousin Tin Ly opened the first branch of Rôll’đ restaurant chain in the central Melbourne city (Victoria state) in May 2012. Photo: captured from Salesian.

However, after a period of "crisis", Bao Hoang came up with the idea of launching Rôll’đ Runner, a mobile food car, running through the suburbs of Melbourne city. Rôll’đ staff prepare the dishes right outside of the customers’ houses. The Rôll’đ Runner service was piloted in the Brighton suburb of Melbourne. During that time, Rôll’đ opened 12 new restaurant branches. It has also planned to offer the lunch delivery service to offices and companies.

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Mobile food car system RLL Runner. Photo: captured from GASTROLOGY.

“From accounting for only 2 percent of the business activities, now the food delivery service occupied for up to 30 percent. The business has gradually bounced back and the turnover has been equivalent to 80 percent compared to the previous time. 750 out of 800 employees who were temporarily laid off have returned to work”, Bao Hoang was quoted by the Hospitality Magazine as saying.

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