Vietnamese Community Provided with Information and Health Care Services in Israel

The information was shared by Yaron Mayer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Vietnam, in an interview with the VietnamTimes Magazine about the situation of Vietnamese citizens in the war zone.
December 01, 2023 | 14:15
Vietnamese Community Provided with Information and Health Care Services in Israel
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Vietnam.

Ambassador, can you please share with our readers the current situation of Vietnamese citizens in Israel?

The general situation in Israel is now quite stable. People have returned to normal life and received the necessary support. The war is going on in Gaza, which is quite far from the cities so it does not affect daily life much. However, we of course remain alert until the conflict totally ends.

The Vietnamese community in Israel consists of several hundred people. Most of them are students and workers who live far from the war zone. We closely monitor the situation and their safety through relevant Israeli agencies and the Vietnamese Embassy to Israel.

The Vietnamese community receives clear instructions on responding to emergencies such as what to do, and how to find shelter. In cases where we cannot directly reach each and every student, we contact them through the agencies, universities, and organizations that are in charge of them.

How are the Vietnamese in Israel monitored and informed about the situation?

Most Vietnamese students and workers live and work with Israeli farmers and families in Kibbutz (similar to agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam), who provide them with accommodation and direct instruction in the current situation.

For workers who are not covered by any organization, the institution that they work for will provide facilities and guidance.

We also send warnings and instructions on what to do and when to go to shelters via mobile phone to everyone in Israel, including Vietnamese people.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs monitors the situation through institutions, organizations, and universities. For example, universities check on their students' safety every morning then report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are also in contact with the Vietnamese Embassy to Israel and other institutions involved in the agricultural intern program.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Ly Duc Trung and the embassy staff visited the institutions, workers and students. The Vietnamese Embassy has acted as a bridge to connect Israeli government agencies and the Vietnamese community.

Through observation and exchange, we can tell that the Vietnamese community is quite satisfied with the attention and information provided by Israel in the current situation.

What specific activities have the Israeli government and people been taking to protect and support Vietnamese citizens?

When war breaks out, some people will want to leave Israel and go back to their home country. Currently, Israeli airports and airlines are still operating. Vietnamese people who want to go home can seek support from institutions and universities. The Vietnamese Embassy to Israel has also prepared an evacuation plan in case of emergency.

However, we must say that most Vietnamese prefer to stay in Israel because the war does not directly affect them. Vietnamese people in Israel do not live in dangerous areas. If they are, they will be moved immediately.

We appreciate Vietnamese students and workers and ensure that their studies and work will not be interrupted.

What support do they receive in terms of mental health?

Israel has experienced war and tension for many years, so we understand the impact of war on mental health. Even if you are not physically injured, just hearing the siren on the street can create mental tension. The problem is even more serious if you are actually hurt. "Post-traumatic stress disorder" syndrome is very much relevant to soldiers and civilians alike.

We have mental health care services provided in institutions and public health facilities in Israel. However, there is sometimes language gap. We are contacting many Vietnamese experts in Hanoi who have experience in this field of psychology. We have good relationships with experienced experts, so if somebody needs, we can connect them to have consultations in Vietnamese.

What do you recommend for Vietnamese citizens who want to study and work in Israel in the near future?

This question gives me the opportunity to say that life in Israel is going on as normal. Universities, research programs in agriculture and other fields are all working. In Israel, there are many job opportunities.

The current situation is affecting Israel in many different ways. Because of different reasons, there is a shortage of labor. We are having connections and negotiations between the two governments to sign a labor cooperation agreement, which follows the free trade agreement between the two countries IVFTA. This labor agreement, once finalized, will open up opportunities for many Vietnamese people to come to Israel to work.

Vietnamese workers will be very much welcome to work in Israel. They will also contribute to our relations, especially trade relations as our imports and exports are growing. We also welcome students and workers who left Israel due to the war to go back.

Thank you, Ambassador!

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