Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet

Overseas Vietnamese in European countries have celebrated the Lunar New Year festival (Tet) – the longest and biggest traditional event back in their home country – with a series of enticing cultural and musical activities.
January 31, 2023 | 09:43

In Asian countries like Vietnam, the Lunar New Year (or Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnamese) has been a special occasion, lasting for thousands of generations. It is a time when everyone wants to return home to welcome in the new year with their families. Overseas Vietnamese in European countries also celebrated their traditional Tet holiday, despite the holiday not being as popular in the West.

Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet
The Vietnamese Women's Union in Sweden debuts. Source: TG&VN

On January 28, the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden and Latvia held a Lunar New Year celebration with the participation of nearly 120 delegates from Vietnamese associations in Sweden and Latvia and some Swedish friends.

On the occasion of this year's gathering, the Vietnamese community in Sweden held the launching ceremony of the Vietnamese Women's Union in Sweden.

Although newly established from the beginning of 2022, the Vietnamese Association in Sweden has been constantly growing, promoting the role of gathering, creating solidarity and bonding within Vietnamese community in all parts of Sweden, implementing many cultural and artistic exchange activities, making donations to support the needy people, enhancing trade and economic cooperation activities with local partners, contributing to strengthening the relationship, friendship and good cooperation between Vietnam and Sweden.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tran Thi Oanh, president of Vietnamese Women's Union in Sweden, said that this event marked the first organizational connection between women in the community in Sweden. It will receive the help and coordination of the Vietnamese Embassy and other associations to have lively, diverse and attractive activities, contribute to the activities of the Vietnamese community in Sweden in the near future.

Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet
At the event. Source: TG&VN

Ambassador Phan Dang Duong emphasized that the birth of the Vietnamese Women's Union in Sweden is an important event, marking a period of growth and outstanding development in the union work of community in Sweden, demonstrating the growing role of Vietnamese expatriates in Sweden, contributing to strengthening solidarity, attachment, support and mutual help in life in foreign lands and homelands.

Overseas Vietnamese in France and Germany also have held events to celebrate the Lunar New Year festival.

In Nogent-sur-Marne on the outskirts of Paris, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in France (UGVF) ran a massive celebration featuring a trade fair, musical performances, and a photo exhibition.

Like the traditional spring market, the Tet market has both stalls for calligraphic works, Vietnamese folk toys, and the iconic five-fruit tray.

Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet
At the Tet event in Nogent-sur-Marne. Photo: VNA

The opening performance was the lion dancing, a martial arts performance of the Son Long sect, followed by music and dancing by the Vietnamese Youth Association and the member associations of UGVF. From within the country, the Ho Chi Minh City art troupe also had a number of interesting performances.

Coming to ask for calligraphic letters, Hong shared that she ask for the word 'Phuoc Hong," which is both her name and her husband's name, and wishes to be happy from now until the end of the year.

The most exciting was the children's area. Open later than other spaces, but this was where most families gather. From the elderly to the children, all are excited about the folk games.

At a Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) table, Nguyen Nam, a Vietnamese living in the suburbs of Paris, said he came here to have fun with his wife and two children. He was really surprised because organizing such a crowded and fun community event was not an easy thing in France.

"It's been a long time since I've played Xiangqi again and found someone to play with me," said Nam.

Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet
Calligraphy activities at the event. Photo: VNA

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Tet Festival was more crowded than expected and succeeded beyond the expectations of the UGVF leadership. Despite having to increase more tables, many diners still could not find vacant seat. Vuong Huu Nhan, President of the UGVF, said the association wanted to attract more visitors, particularly French people, to the Tet celebration and has been succeeded this year.

Not only is it a place to celebrate Spring, the Lunar New Year festival is also an opportunity for Vietnamese and French organizations to introduce their activities. The entire space on the second floor of the hall is a place to display images of some major associations in France, including the Vietnam Student Association, the Franco-Vietnamese Friendship Association, the Vietnamese Business Association in France, or the specializes in supporting Vietnamese dioxin victims "Collectifs Dioxine". In addition, an exhibition on the Paris Peace Accords was also held.

Proceeds from tickets to a children’s village at the event are set to be donated to build and upgrade schools in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, about 300 students in Berlin – Potsdam and surrounding areas gathered to attend the Berliner Tet, an artistic annual activity of the association of Vietnamese students in Berlin – Potsdam.

On January 28, at the National University of Technology and Research (MISIS), the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of MISIS, Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) and the Higher School of Economics. HSE) has coordinated to organize the event "Tet reunion" for Vietnamese students studying and researching at these universities.

Vietnamese in EU Celebrate Tet
The organization wants to bring the traditional Tet atmosphere to Vietnamese studying in Moscow, helping them remember their homeland and strengthen the ties within the students.

Participating in the event were not only international students from these universities but also international students from the National Friendship University (RUDN) and Vietnamese students at some other universities in Moscow.

The main part of the event was New Year's games and talent contest along with artistic performances of the students. The organizers also arranged a "Tet space" for you to take souvenir photos, as well as a culinary corner with traditional Vietnamese dishes.

About 70 Vietnamese students and researchers at universities in Moscow participated in this new spring playground.

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