Vietnamese in Laos work to strengthen solidarity

The General Association of Vietnamese People in Laos will further coordinate with Vietnamese representative agencies to accelerate the settlement of legal papers for Vietnamese in Laos in 2020.
December 29, 2019 | 21:57
vietnamese in laos work to strengthen solidarity Annual Vietnam – Laos border meeting held in Hanoi
vietnamese in laos work to strengthen solidarity Vietnam – Laos relations are special and unique that no words can say enough of
vietnamese in laos work to strengthen solidarity Border provinces of Vietnam, Laos look to curb spontaneous migration and undocumented marriages
vietnamese in laos work to strengthen solidarity

At the conference (Photo: VNA)

Besides, it will assess the operation of community schools in Lao localities in order to seek solutions to difficulties facing the teaching and learning of Vietnamese language in Laos.

The organization agreed upon its operation plan for 2020 at a conference held in Vientiane on December 28.

Counsellor Bui Chi Manh from the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos said in 2019, the general association and its chapters had coordinated with Vietnamese representative agencies to organize many big events for Vietnamese in Laos, like the celebration of the Vietnamese traditional New Year, and the first-ever ceremony commemorating the death anniversary of Hung Kings, the legendary founders of Vietnam.

The general association also took good care of the spiritual life of the community, built a support fund and pushed the settlement of legal documents for Vietnamese residents, he added.

Delegates at the meeting discussed measures to strengthen solidarity among the Vietnamese community and promote Buddhism in Laos, and looked into citizen protection in the country.

In his concluding remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Ba Hung urged the general association to consolidate its leadership in the Vietnamese community in Laos, and focus on organising big events to bring them closer./.


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