Vietnam’s anti-COVID-19 ‘weapons’: Part 4, The eventful cultural and artistic front

In less than 3 months since the entire population joining hands in the COVID-19 fight, many authors from folk to professional have composed thousands of works in various art forms, from rhymes, poetry, paintings, to music, films. Those artworks reflect the different aspects of spiritual life in the war against COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam
June 30, 2020 | 19:04
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Ghen Co Vy made an international debut on a US-based TV channel
Ghen Co Vy made an international debut on a US-based TV channel (Photo: Thoi Dai)

Ghen Co Vy, a global sensation

Ghen Co Vy (Jealousy CoVy) is an innovative project of the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment in collaboration with musician Khac Hung, singer Erik and singer Min.

Ever since its release on February 23, the song has become a global music phenomenon that appears on many international media channels.

With the playful melody of the original song named “Ghen” (Jealousy), new lyrics that match the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam, and the viral hand-washing dance of the choreographer Quang Đang has made the COVID-19-themed song a hit worldwide.

Media outlets in Japan, South Korea, the US, and the UK all reported on this song, showing how surprised they were in the way the Vietnamese music industry could produce such a modern and attractive music video as composing a catchy, attention-grabbing COVID-19 propaganda song is not an easy thing.

In an interview, musician Khac Hung proudly said that Ghen Co Vy, along with its artistic values, also helps introduce a very positive image about Vietnam, particularly the strong determination to fight against the novel virus of the Vietnamese government and its citizens.

The hand-washing dance is covered by many foreigners
The hand-washing dance is covered by many foreigners (Photo: Thoi Dai)

Along with the catchy melody and lyrics, Vietnamese choreographer Quang Dang’s hand-washing dance plays a big part in turning Ghen Co Vy an international hit, according to Khac Hung.

In fact, hundreds of video clips covering the hand-washing dance moves come from organizations such as hospitals, businesses and schools that have been made. The US navy, TVB cast (Hong Kong) Malaisia ​​also covered the viral dance moves and has garnered millions of views.

Besides Ghen Co Vy, it would be imprudent not to mention the song “Hey Vietnam, let’s fight back the COVID-19” composed and performed by Minh Beta, which was released on March 31.

The upbeat melody and urging lyrics of the song is played in most of the apartment buildings, supermarkets, shopping centers and crowded places across the country. Along with urging people to stay vigilant of the novel virus, the song also calls for everyone to thoroughly follow COVID-19 preventive measures, get rid of fake news, telling people to stay positive and believe in the victory over the pandemic.

In the COVID-19 fight in Vietnam, no one is left behind
In the COVID-19 fight in Vietnam, no one is left behind (Photo: Thoi Dai)

Art of inspiration

Tang Quang, an oversea returnee from the UK has released a sketchbook reflecting his 14-mandatory-quarantined days in the centralized quarantine zone in Ho Chi Minh city.

Contrary to what people might normally think of the quarantine life, the bright colors and positive vibe depicted in the paintings have told the warm and sincere stories of what happened inside the isolated area during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quang also shows his gratitude towards doctors, medical staff and volunteer soldiers in the quarantine camp.

Tang Quang's sketchbook
Tang Quang's sketchbook (Photo: Thoi Dai)

“Staying home is patriotism” - inspirational slogan

The Vietnam Post Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has recently quickly churned out a series of posters, prints and stamps with pictures of medics and doctors on the front lines fighting against the pandemic, which is an inspiration for residents. Next to the figures printed on each poster is the mighty slogan “Staying home is patriotism”.

Propaganda paintings by artist Le Duc Hiep, painter Pham Trung Ha and painter Luu Yen The, etc, all help to encourage and lift people’s spirits in the fight against Covid-19.

The “Staying home is patriotism” propaganda picture was mentioned in The Guardian (the UK) and the DPA (German) as an example of Vietnam’s success in using the graphic language in propagating the COVDID-19 prevention.

In addition, artist Pham Trung Ha had cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Vietnam Stamp Company to create two propaganda works, in a bid to “send a clear message of solidarity against the COVID- 19 ”.

73-year-old artist Luu Yen The still created and sent two of these artworks to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, hoping to somehow contribute to the nationwide battle against COVID-19, notwithstanding of his cancer treatment.

The poster calls for people to join hands in the pandemic fight
The poster calls for people to join hands in the pandemic fight (Photo: The thao Van hoa)

“Unforgettable days” TV series

“Unforgettable days” is broadcasted at the golden time frame in Vietnam on the National channel, with the appearance of famous Vietnamese movie stars.

The 50-episode film, which uses the background, characters from the two previously-shown dramas “Go home, kids”, and “The girl of their family”. “Unforgettable days” reflects on how daily lives have been disrupted with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, which entails unordered social situations such as stocking foods and daily necessities, raising prices, spreading fake news and rumors, escaping quarantine, etc. Through those situations, the affections between people and people, citizen responsibility are still shined and touched viewers’ hearts, which helps to spread the positive outlook of the pandemic among the community.

“The last leaf – The power of the Mother Earth” – 1977 Vlog

In February, the 1977 Vlog released a new Parody video called “The last leaf – The power of the Mother Earth” focusing on numbers of hot topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the video criticized unhappy stories when the outbreak exploded, as well as praise those at the front line in the pandemic fight.

With the groundbreaking COVID-19 related videos with creative ideas that attract viewers, 1997 Vlog was named the Ambassador for inspiration and won the Comedy Product of the Year in 2019 We Choice Awards.

In the parody, 1977 Vlog has mentioned many COVID-19 related issues in Vietnam through the characters of O’Henri’s “The last leaf”. By telling the story of selling paintings for 5 times more expensive than normal makes viewers think of the incredibly expensive face masks that many medical facilities are making use of the pandemic to gain profit.

The Rossy character in the Vlog has a very viral saying “As a wise woman, I will isolate myself from the community”, which reminds of the girl from Binh Duong who had given false declaration to avoid quarantine after returning Vietnam from Deagu – the epicenter of Korea at that time.

vietnam a role model in the fights against the pandemic Vietnam - A role model in the fights against the pandemic

Vietnam is considered as a role model in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemics.

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