Vietnam's Vu Dai Stew Fish gets in Guardian top Lunar New Year photos

Some of the best photographs as people welcome the arrival of the year of the ox during the time of pandemic, selected by UK-based Guardian.
foreigners enjoy lunar new year in vietnam amid covid 19 Foreigners enjoy Lunar New Year in Vietnam amid COVID-19
warm tet of a vietnamese american family during pandemic time Warm Tet of a Vietnamese American family during pandemic time
hue relic site one of the unesco recognised sites attracts tourists on lunar new year Hue relic site, one of the UNESCO-recognised sites, attracts tourists on Lunar New Year
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Ha Nam, Vietnam - Bui Van Cuong wears a gas mask as he braises black carp in clay pots with firewood to serve as a traditional Vietnamese dish. (Photo: Guardian)
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Hanoi, Vietnam - Two women check their smartphones at Tran Quoc pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas in the city. (Photo: Guardian)
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Texas, US - The JL Lion Dance Sports Association performs during a celebration at Dao Quang temple in Garland. (Photo: Guardian)
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Jakarta, Indonesia - Worshippers release birds for good luck at Dharma Bhakti temple. (Photo: Guardian)
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Hong Kong - Actor Lana Wong, wearing an ox costume, holds a burning joss stick during prayers in Wong Tai Sin temple. (Photo: Guardian)
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Samut Prakan, Thailand - Lunar New Year at a Chinese temple. (Photo: Guardian)
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Tyva, Russia - A shaman conducts san salyr, a sacred fire-lighting rite, during celebrations of Shagaa, the lunar new year. (Photo: Guardian)
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Aldershot, UK - Matt Williams, a lion dance instructor from the World Eagle Claw Association UK, gives his costumes an airing with Greg Currie. All his bookings and performances have been canceled because of Covid. (Photo: Guardian)
unique buffalo market in the northwest Unique buffalo market in the Northwest

Can Cau Buffalo Market is one of the most unique buffalo markets in the Northwest. The market is held every Saturday next to the Can ...

most popular pagodas in hcmc where people flock to wish for a lucky new year Most popular pagodas in HCMC where people flock to wish for a lucky new year

Not only meeting the religious needs, the following temples also have long-standing architectural and historical values, attracting both local and foreign tourists.

french president extends lunar new year greetings in vietnamese French President extends Lunar New Year greetings in Vietnamese

French President Emmanuel Macron's Lunar New Year greetings in Vietnamese have received more than 13,000 likes, over 1,500 comments and some 1,500 shares on Facebook.

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