Wander Through Vietnam's Spring Paradises

The spring season is the best time for travelers from around Vietnam to grab their backpacks and explore the spring paradises that will bring you the best experience ever.
January 06, 2023 | 08:40

During this time of the year, nature has brought us many extraordinarily different types of flowers blooming everywhere. If you have the opportunity to set foot in a new land in the right flower season, you will surely have a great time and experience beautiful natural beauty for the most unique Instagram pictures. It is not just for the wonderful photography, but these flower fields also leave a memorable trait in the visitor’s hearts. Here are the types of flowers that you will easily find in the spring, and enjoy your journey with your friends and family in this New Year holiday.

Get lost in the white plum forest in Moc Chau

Photo: Gia Han
Photo: Gia Han

Moc Chau is the widest and dreamiest plateau of the Northern mountainous region located in Son La Province which is far about 200 kilometers from Hanoi to the west. Moc Chau entices visitors with its magnificent traditional villages of Vietnamese minor tribes, its many gorgeous flowers ranging from plum flowers to cherry blossoms, and its chilly atmosphere. This highland is famous for the majestic beauty of Ang village’s pine forest, Pha Luong mountain peak, Dai Yem waterfall, and many beautiful attractions, etc.

In January, the hills in Moc Chau will be covered in a white color, not of snow but from the blossoming white plum flowers. Not only famous for the immense green tea hills, but visitors also arrive here to see the beautiful and lovely flowers blooming in the fields.

Photo: Gia Han
Photo: Gia Han

In Moc Chau, the plum flowers do not grow sporadically but will spread on the hillsides, from one valley to another, making the whole sky become brighter. But if you want to become a real "plum blossom hunter", visit the pine forest of Ang village, Ba Khe sub-area, Long Luong, Pa Phach. Coming to this paradise in the spring season, travelers will feel like they are stepping into a fairytale world.

Dalat with the beautiful cherry blossoms

Photo: Dong Ngo
Photo: Dong Ngo

At the beginning of December last year, young people have already been busy preparing a schedule to visit the mountain town to see the peach blossoms blooming. On Dalat lover groups, many travelers count down each day of the blooming season to capture the bright pink flower sky. It gives a lovely look not too different from the wonderful sceneries of cherry blossoms in Japan or Korea, which attract a large number of tourists visiting this destination.

Hidden away in the Central Highlands, Dalat plays the cooler cousin to Vietnam's seaside destinations. Famous for its countryside charm, Dalat draws couples, wellness seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This mountain resort town was once a summer getaway for the French, who left their mark in the European-inspired architecture and countless lakes. Dalat's main lake is the center of the action, but amazing natural wonders await in the hills all around.

Photo: Dong Ngo
Photo: Dong Ngo

Indeed, this wonderful flower is seen as the pride of Dalat and also the reason for many tourists yearning to visit the city every spring. When walking on the streets, you can also easily see rows of colorful peach blossom trees. If you want to find the most amazing spots to take unique photographs of them, you can go to Le Dai Hanh street, the Tuyen Lam lake area, and Cau Dat lake to get lost in the beautiful peach blossom forest.

Forest peach blossoms bloom in the snowy land of Sapa

Photo: Hoang Duong, Lam Hang
Photo: Hoang Duong, Lam Hang

Not only Dalat, but Sapa is also a famous destination for young travelers to come and see the gorgeous peach blossom forests that are only available in the springtime. In the freezing cold of the winter wind, the thick peach blossom branches still bloom brilliantly, making everyone fall in love at the first sight. Walking in the middle of the peach forest in Sapa, breathing in the sweet scent of peaches and the cold wind blowing through them, visitors will have an opportunity to feel both the winter and spring breeze at the same time. People can also visit Ham Rong mountain or immerse themselves in the local villages, and learn more about the life and culture of the places here.

Photo: Hoang Duong, Lam Hang
Photo: Hoang Duong, Lam Hang

Also during this time, visitors to Fansipan can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival at Fansipan peak which lasts until March 8. Besides the unique highland cuisine and spring markets, there is a lot of fun with a series of attractive folk games.

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