Webinar to celebrate 70 years of Vietnam - Russia diplomatic relations

An online meeting was held in Russia's St.Petersburg on June 16 to mark 75 years of the Soviet Union’s victory in the Great Patriotic War, 45 years of the liberation of the South and national reunification of Vietnam, and 70 years of the Vietnam-Russia diplomatic relations.
June 18, 2020 | 14:08

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At the online dialogue (Photo: VOV)

The meeting was organized by the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg and the Museum of Military Medicine under the Russian Defence Ministry and the Association of Vietnamese people in St. Petersburg, according to Nhan Dan.

It attracted the representatives from the Commission for External Relations of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC), the Vietnamese military attaché to Russia, the former Soviet Union’s experts who used to support Vietnam during the resistance war against the US, and Russian universities and institutes.

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairman of External Relations Committee of St. Petersburg V. Kalganov emphasized that the event was organized to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the end of the war in Vietnam and the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Russia. He especially thanked the veterans who had fought in Vietnam for their energy and time to attend the workshop, VOV reported.

During the webinar, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Ly, acting Head of the Department of Russia - Eastern Europe and Central Asia from the Central Committee for External Relations, congratulated the former Soviet Union's people and the Russian Federation's people today on this special occasion, especially the veterans who contributed to a meaningful historic victory, the victory over fascism.

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The conference showed the close relations between Vietnam and Russia (Photo: Vietnam - Russia Friendship Association)

In addition, Ms. Ly noted important milestones of the comprehensive strategic relationship between Vietnam and Russia since the diplomatic relations were established on January 30th, 1950. She also spoke of Uncle Ho’s visit to Petrograd city earlier, now St. Petersburg nearly 100 years ago, emphasizing that Uncle Ho laid the foundation for the amicable partnership between the two nations.

According to Ms. Ly, over the past 70 years, the partnership between the two countries has been constantly strengthened, nurtured, and accomplished great cooperation in all areas, including politics, economy, science, education, culture, military and defense, reported by Dang cong san.

Col. Alexey Skreblyukov, head of the St. Petersburg division for war veterans who used to serve in Vietnam, stressed the importance to help younger generations, including young military personnel, aware of the close relationship between Vietnam-Russia.

He also proposed on the construction of a monument dedicated to late President Ho Chi Minh in St. Petersburg since this was the first city the Vietnamese leader arrived when he came to the Soviet Union. Skreblyukov added that the Soviet Union’s war veterans will attempt to nurture the friendship and fraternity between the two countries.

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Col. Alexey Skreblyukov, President of Veterans Association (in Saint Petersburg) who fought in Vietnam (Photo: VOV)

At the webinar, participants praised the glorious victories of the Soviet Union and Vietnamese people, as well as the fraternal relation between Vietnam and the Soviet Union in the past and Russia at present, demonstrating the wish to further enhance these ties.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Anatoly Budko - Director of Military Medical Museum - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation introduced the exhibition "Your pain in my heart, Vietnam". Mr. Anatoly Budko affirmed that this is an exhibition about love and friendship. Young people who come to see the exhibition will understand the victories of the Vietnamese people in the war against enemies and national liberation.

Participants also saw a short clip of the museum introducing this exhibition. Through many exhibits, viewers have a deeper understanding of the resistance methods of the army and the people of Vietnam, about the severe consequences caused by the war.

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Vietnamese army hat in the exhibition "Your pain in my heart, Vietnam" (Photo: VOV)

Colonel Alexey Skreblyukov also mentioned the contribution of 7 Vietnamese soldiers in the war to protect Moscow in 1941; their names are currently preserved and honoured in the Church of the Russian Armed Forces - the museum "Memorial Road" which is going to be inaugurated in Moscow.

Representing the Vietnamese Association in St. Petersburg, Le Dinh Vu, Chairman of the Association spoke of his profound affection with Russia, noting it as a second homeland. “The Vietnamese community in St. Petersburg has been actively involved in the life of the city and made contributions to the city’s development,” he said.

The conference held by St. Petersburg and the Vietnamese community here once again showed the close relations, and the support that the two countries have for each other throughout the history and demonstrated that the strong relations between the two peoples of Vietnam - Russia have continued to be preserved and developed.

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