Western Nghe An dyed white by full-bloomed plum flowers

When the spring breezes pass through the mountains, the plum flowers season comes. Anyone who has ever set foot on the land of Ky Son is struck by the wonderful feeling of spring in remote regions.
ha tinh people in central vietnam cook rice cakes for flood victims in nghe an Ha Tinh people in central Vietnam cook rice cakes for flood victims in Nghe An
muong long sky gate new place to hunt cloud in vietnams central province Muong Long Sky gate, new place to hunt cloud in Vietnam's central province
puxailaileng the highest peak in truong son ranges Puxailaileng the highest peak in Truong Son Ranges
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When spring comes, Muong Luong seems to be awakened by the color of white plum blossoms. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Plums bloom in clusters like clouds swooping down the valley. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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The whole scene turns mesmerizing. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Plum blossom season is also the season when tourists come to the highlands of Ky Son. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Coming here, tourists will find themselves covered by the beauty scene. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Lost in the flowers forest. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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The beauty of local people in the border land. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Plum flowers - the sign of the spring. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Plum flowers can be found in many parts of Vietnam. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Visitors are fascinated by the highland spring. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Not only tourists but also local people also enjoy the spring of blooming plum forest. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Spring falls on the wooden roof. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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Spring brings a magical scene to the highland of Nghe An. (Photo: Bao Nghe An)
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one of a kind fabric dyeing technique of o du people in nghe an One-of-a-kind fabric dyeing technique of O Du people in Nghe An

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fire engulfs forests in nghe an ha tinh provinces Fire engulfs forests in Nghe An, Ha Tinh provinces

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