Where to Visit in Soc Trang: Bôtum Vong Sa Som Rong - Center of Khmer Culture

In the middle of that sacred land, Som Rong Pagoda with a giant reclining Buddha will transcend your journey to higher spritual level.
March 14, 2022 | 17:28
Photo: wanderlust
Photo: wanderlust

Som Rong Pagoda in Soc Trang or Botum Vong Sa Som Rong earned its name since around the temple was covered with many Som Rong trees - flowering plants called Botum.

Located at 367 Ton Duc Thang, Ward 5, Soc Trang city, Soc Trang province, this attraction has 4 areas including: main hall, sala hall, house for monks and also a library with more than 1,500 books.

Its most popular sightseeing spot, the giant resting Buddha statue, was built in 2017.

The enchanting Khmer culture clearly reflected in each carving such as Naga snake god, Krud god bird... all details are covered with gold.

Above the gate there are five spires symbolizing Mount Meru (ie Mount Tu-di), where the five Buddhas in the future will become enlightened according to the Buddhist concept and usually abide according to the Brahmin doctrine.

Passing through the temple gate, the 100m long road leading inside is covered with the shade of ancient trees, and magnificent architectural blocks with colorful colors imbued with Khmer traditional culture appear under Som Rong pagoda.

The main hall is the main Buddha place of Som Rong Pagoda. From the outside, you see a system of three overlapping roofs, each roof is decorated with a dragon image of the Khmer people.

The main hall is supported by six rows of pillars with two entrances decorated with ferocious unicorn images - symbolizing the guard to prevent evil and protect the Buddha.

Inside the main hall, there are many statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, in which two ancient Buddha statues have a standing posture with red palms facing forward - meaning to encourage people not to do evil deeds

The sala halls right next to the main hall, which still retains its ancient features over time is the next visit. You will fall in love with the peaceful space of the temple here.

With the 2-story design, it has the function of serving as a lecture hall for monks, a place to receive guests on traditional national holidays and also as a monk's house for monks in the temple.

At the sala, do not forget to light incense to pray for peace and luck for yourself and your loved ones.

Photo: Thamhiemmekong
Photo: Thamhiemmekong

Placed right next to the entrance to the temple and parallel to the main hall, the stupa is built in the form of a four-way tower with four aisles representing love, compassion, joy, and discharge. Along the two berths leading to the stupa is a familiar decoration with the image of the Naga snake carved delicately and sharply.

Photo: Vietnamnet
Photo: Vietnamnet

Buddha Shakyamuni Nirvana

Photo: Thamhiemmekong
Photo: Thamhiemmekong

Considered as the highlight of the pagoda, the Buddha statue named Buddha Shakyamuni Nirvana has a huge size with a length of 63m, a height of 22.5m and a weight of 490 tons, placed about 28m above the ground.

The statue represents the majesty and kindness of the largest Shakyamuni Buddha in Soc Trang province.

Standing at the foot of the statue and looking up, you will see the compassionate eyes of the Buddha admonishing people to live compassionately, in harmony, and to love each other.

Also from here, visitors can see more clearly the perfect sculptural details on the giant Buddha statue, a testament to the elaborate and meticulous construction process.

Photo: Thamhiemmekong
Photo: Thamhiemmekong

With architectural works bearing cultural imprints of the Khmer people combined with a giant reclining Buddha statue, Soc Trang will be a tourist attraction in the near future. Come to Som Rong Pagoda to enjoy the scenery and learn the unique culture of the people here!

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