10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems

Here are 10 herbal teas for 10 common health problems. All the teas are cheap, easy to buy and effective.
July 30, 2021 | 14:43
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10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Herbal tea. Photo: freshnlean

Drinking herbal tea is not just about enjoying a good cup of tea. It also helps take care of our health safely at home.

Here are 10 herbal teas for 10 health problems many of us face. All 10 of these teas are cheap, easy to buy and effective.

However, herbal tea, no matter how good, is not a cure. So when you have a really serious health problem, you need to seek medical help.

1. Herbal Tea for Weight Loss: Ginger Tea

For many people, ginger is simply a spice in cooking. But ginger is one of the best herbal teas for weight loss.

Instead of going to buy expensive weight loss teas, not to mention that it may also contain banned substances, you can buy very cheap ginger. And use it as a herbal tea to help lose weight effectively.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Ginger tea. Photo: danhtra

According to some studies, the weight loss effects of ginger include the following two mechanisms: burning energy and reducing hunger.

Many people also believe that drinking ginger tea also helps the body warm up. As a result, our body burns more energy. However, this warm feeling is only a side effect of some spicy spices.

Besides ginger tea, some other teas can help with weight loss. For example: green tea, oolong tea, black tea or dandelion tea.

2. Herbal Tea for Your Heart: Green Tea

Green tea is considered to have the most health benefits of any tea. The reason is that green tea after processing retains most of the healthy components of fresh tea leaves.

Green tea contains many groups of catechins, which are effective antioxidants. So the effects of green tea are weight loss, improved heart health, preventing some types of cancer and reducing the risk of diabetes.

It also prevents some cardiovascular diseases.

A Japanese study of 40,530 people found that green tea drinkers reduced their risk of death from cardiovascular disease or stroke by up to 26%.
10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Green tea. Photo: danhtra

According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam has up to 200,000 people suffering a stroke every year. And 50% of these die. More and more young people are having strokes.

To prevent a stroke, you need to limit alcohol as well as have a healthy lifestyle and diet. Drinking green tea daily can also be seen as a healthy eating habit.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Photo: danhtra

3. Herbal Tea to Help Prevent Cancer: Soursop Tea

Cancer is a very difficult disease to treat. There are also many types of cancer. That's why the phrase "cancer prevention" is used incorrectly in many situations.

To help prevent cancer effectively, you can:

Quit smoking.

Protect skin from the sun.

Have a proper diet.

Maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly.

Practice safe sex.

Get vaccines that need to be given to children or adults.

Get tested regularly.

However, if you really want to try tea that can help prevent cancer, soursop tea is a potential option. Soursop tea is significantly produced in the southwestern provinces, where there are many large soursop farms.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Soursop tea. Photo: danhtra

In Vietnam, soursop tea is made from dried soursop fruit. In many countries, the tea is made from soursop leaves.

Both the fruit and leaves of soursop are beneficial. However, in terms of cancer prevention, soursop leaves are better because the new leaves contain ingredients that help fight cancer.

However, researchers have only analyzed that soursop leaves contain cancer-preventing substances. But they have not been tested on anyone yet. So the cancer prevention effect of soursop tea is still questionable.

The truth is that there is currently no tea that can help prevent or cure cancer effectively. You should only consider drinking tea as a good habit of a healthy lifestyle. And if you stay healthy, your body will fight many diseases on its own.

In terms of contributing to cancer prevention, some other herbal teas also have this effect, including green tea, ginger tea or saffron.

4. Herbal Tea to Help Sleep: Chrysanthemum Tea

Of all the herbal teas with the ability to help sleep, most will think of chrysanthemum tea. Because it has been used as a remedy for insomnia and stress for hundreds of years.

Chrysanthemum flower contains apigenin. This is a neuroleptic that helps reduce feelings of anxiety and induces sleep.

The scent of chamomile tea has also been shown to be effective in reducing stress. So when drinking chrysanthemum tea, you should enjoy it slowly. Just smell the aroma of tea, then sip slowly it.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Chrysanthemum tea. Photo: danhtra

5. Herbal Tea for Detox: Dandelion Tea

You need to know one fact; herbal detox tea does not have any effect at all. One study gave a group of volunteers a detox drink (consisting of herbs believed to have detox effects) for four weeks. And the result saw no changes at all.

If you want your body to effectively detox, then limit drinking or smoking. Or drink herbal teas to help the organs work more efficiently.

In Vietnam, there are many herbal teas that are good for the liver and kidneys. Such as eucalyptus tea and ginger tea. One tea that is both good for the liver and kidneys is dandelion tea.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Dandelion tea. Photo: danhtra

Dandelion tea is good for the liver and kidneys. As a result, your body will detox itself and eliminate toxins more effectively.

In addition, dandelion tea is also a diuretic. Thanks to this, we can get rid of excess water in the body.

6. Herbal Tea for Stomach Ailments: Ramulus Ampelopsis

According to folk medicine, if you have a stomach ulcer, drinking ramulus ampelopsis will heal you. The tea is made from a vine that grows in some Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, this herbal tea is used as medicine.

In a Vietnamese study, it was found that ramulus ampelopsis has the ability to effectively support the treatment of stomach ulcers. Even better than Alusi – a popular drug that helps treat stomach ulcers or reflux esophagitis.

Not only does it work faster than the above-mentioned special drugs. Herbal teas like ramulus ampelopsis also have fewer side effects. So you can use this type of tea to treat diseases as well as make any beverage.

The tea tree grows in some parts of Vietnam. But not every region's tea has the same quality. The best is found in the rocky mountains in Cao Bang.

7. Herbal Tea for Beauty: Red Apple Tea

Red apple tea is a herbal tea with many beauty benefits.

The reason is that red apple tea contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps protect and restore the skin from the effects of the sun. The ingredient can be the main raw material for the body to create collagen.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Red Apple Tea. Photo: danhtra

8. Herbal Tea to Boost Brain Function: White Tea

Any tea made from the tea tree (camellia sinensis) is good for boosting brain function. From green tea, oolong tea to black tea, the tea leaves contain the most antioxidants in the world.

Green tea is good for brain activities. But in this article, you will learn about another type of tea that is as good for the brain as green tea: white tea.

Like green tea, white tea has a very short processing stage. Therefore, white tea retains many anti-oxidant components (EGCG). And there are studies that show that white tea has the most antioxidant components of all teas.

Research shows that people who have a habit of drinking tea (about four times a week) have more effective brain function than people who do not have a habit of drinking tea.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
White tea. Photo: danhtra

9. Herbal Tea Supports Diabetes: Bitter Melon Tea

Bitter melon is a familiar food in Vietnamese cuisine. And more recently, bitter melon tea has been ascribed with the ability to treat diabetes.

The most effective effect of bitter melon tea on diabetes is to help lower blood sugar levels. However, you can control your blood sugar by exercising and eating right.

10 Herbal Teas for Health Problems
Bitter melon tea. Photo: danhtra

The truth is that there is no herbal tea that is known to actually work for diabetes. So if you are suffering from this disease, the best thing to do is to follow the instructions of your doctor.

Even so, bitter melon tea is still a good herbal tea, and can play a part in the treatment of diabetes by lowering blood sugar or helping with weight loss.

10. Herbal Tea Helps Nourish the Body: Brown Rice Tea

Using rice to make tea is not unusual. Koreans and Japanese people have been using rice to make tea for a long time.

In Korea, they have a tea made from roasted rice called hyeonmi-cha. In Japan, there is green tea mixed with roasted rice called genmaicha.

Currently, roasted rice water or brown rice tea is currently a favorite drink in Vietnam, thanks to the delicious taste and good effects of brown rice.

Brown rice when cooked will often be difficult to eat for some people. So making tea can be much easier to absorb. It is both a refreshing drink and good for the body.

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