A webinar held to boost Vietnam-Venezuela cooperation in many key sectors

A webinar organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in Venezuela has put stress on boosting cooperation in many fields of the two countries.
September 29, 2020 | 08:16
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The Embassy of Vietnam in Venezuela recently held a webinar on promoting Vietnam-Venezuela trade, investment and culture-tourism, with the participation of over 50 businesses of the two countries.

A webinar boosting Vietnam Venezuela cooperation in many fields
Vietnamese Ambassador to Venezuela Lê Viết Duyên attends the webinar. Photo Vietnamese Embassy in Venezuela

The event was to introduce Vietnam’s potential in those spheres, as well as Venezuela’s socio-economic development, investment policies, regulations and incentives, and opportunities for Vietnamese firms when investing in the country, according to The World and Vietnam report,

The Vietnamese Government and people always treasure the friendship and cooperation with Venezuela and stand ready to share experience in national building and development, a representative of the Vietnamese Embassy underlined.

A webinar boosting Vietnam Venezuela cooperation in many fields
An exhibition of traditional Venezuelan handicrafts opened in Hanoi

The embassy has paid special heed to cooperation and development in trade, investment and tourism between the two countries, including economy and trade.

Venezuela can be a destination for Vietnamese firms to expand their markets while Vietnam is currently among world’s leading manufacturers which is able to meet the Latin America country’s demands, the representative said.

According People's Army Newspaper, the Venezuelan side affirmed that the country hopes to welcome more foreign investors and has devised incentives for those from Vietnam. The country has strong import demands for garment-textile, construction material, rice, metallurgy and health care, among others.

A webinar boosting Vietnam Venezuela cooperation in many fields
An exhibition of traditional Venezuelan handicrafts opened in Hanoi. Photo: nhandan

The two countries also boast tremendous potential for tourism development, heard the webinar.

Venezuela also highly values achievements of Vietnam’s tourism sector and wants to study and exchange experience with Vietnam, attracting more holidaymakers from the country.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Tourism proposed that Vietnam send students to the South American country to learn the language and tourism, adding that the countries need to ink a framework agreement on tourism cooperation.

A webinar boosting Vietnam Venezuela cooperation in many fields
Vietnam granted facemasks to Venezuela.Photo: baotintuc.vn

The webinar offered chances to connect businesses of the two countries and enhance mutual understanding, helping both sides learn about each other’s demands and grasp collaboration opportunities, according to the Vietnamese Embassy.

The embassy will work with the firms to strengthen cooperation in economy, trade, investment and tourism in tandem with the countries’ comprehensive partnership, Vietnam Plus revealed.

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