Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: December, 2021

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope, December 2021: Persons in permanent relationships may be tempted to have an affair or make every effort to increase the temperature of their feelings in their current relationship.
November 11, 2021 | 16:51
Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope December 2021. Photo: vietnamtimes.
Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope December 2021. Photo: VNT

Aquarius Love Style

Aquarius in love may march to the beat of their own drummer—the free-love era wasn't named "The Age of Aquarius" for nothing. Aquarius doesn't take a lot of stock in what "should" be done, but Aquarius has their own rules, codes of ethics, and morality and takes all three incredibly seriously.

According to horoscope, Aquarius zodiac sign may be skittish when it comes to love. While they enjoy flirtatious relationships and can easily be in a long term "friends with benefits" situation, love—even when they have deep feelings for the other person—can lead them to feel trapped or scared of the future. An Aquarius doesn't want to depend on another person, and they don't want someone else to depend on them. Trying to navigate healthy codependence in a relationship is a lifelong Aquarius challenge.

Aquarius is physically passionate, honest, and very in tune with their sexuality. An Aquarius may find sex connects them more deeply to themselves, as well as their partner, and believes that sex can exist outside of love.

An Aquarius cares deeply about their partner, but believes that love is not asking another person to put the other person's needs ahead of their own. An Aquarius in love isn't selfish, they're pragmatic, and they're doing what's most honest for them.

An Aquarius in love is a force to be reckoned with. While they are often slow to commit, needing to be sure of both the mental connection between you and that you will allow them a minimum level of freedom in the relationship, once committed their deep romantic tendencies make them intense lovers. Their love for life and continual pursuit of spice makes them very entertaining to love.

Aquarians are very intellectual and love a good discussion. Expect to have many long talks and a slow easing into partnership. Aquarians are not known for being superficial yet they may seem so solely because their conversations may seem random in topic jumping. Although this likely isn't done on purpose, it leaves their romantic partner addicted to them. As you just never know what will come out of your Aquarius' mouth next and the conversation makes the time fly by.

When in love, as reported by compatible astrology, Aquarius is likely to remember little details and pull out every trick they can think of or have heard of to secure your affections. Expect to be treated very generously, as they cannot help themselves and need to please their loved ones. Aquarians are very passionate lovers and likely to give all physically once they are sure of their feelings for you.

Aquarius is likely to try to please you even if they know they will fail. It is really a case of 'it's the thought that counts'. Their earnestness in trying to love you as best they can is very endearing and makes for a good foundation to a relationship as you are likely to remember these little things if things get bumpy during an argument. There is a penchant for drama with this sign, it is almost delicious and definitely addictive. Breaking up just to make up is a fairly common past time for Aquarius.

Aquarians have a certain self-confidence in their physical person that goes beyond simple good looks. They know what they like and couldn't care less about trends, etc. They do take particular note of their physical person and can be very specific in how they present themselves to the world. Expect your Aquarius to have a certain look that is consistent and instantly recognizable.

Aquarius sensitivities are coupled with a self-confidence born of not worrying too much about others' opinions and this self-assuredness makes them very attractive physically. Couple this with their quick minds and keen curiosity about life and you can expect to be entertained in all the facets of your life.

Earnest and loving with a serious dose of sexy, Aquarius in love makes for unforgettable matches. Even if things don't work out in a love relationship, your Aquarius is likely to be one of the memorable affairs of your life.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: December, 2021
Aquarius Horoscope December 2021. Photo: VNT

Aquarius Monthly Love and Relationship Horoscope

Aquarius Love Horoscope

According to astrosage, this month your love life is likely to go smoothly and without any interruptions or problems as the aspect of two benefic planets, Jupiter and Mercury will be there during the whole of the month. Your relationship with your partner will blossom during this month and you both will feel closer to each other than you have done ever before.

As Mercury is also your eighth house lord, aspecting your fifth indicates that you might even get a surprise gift from your partner. It is an opportune time for the couples committed in relationships to seek approval of their parents and give their relationships a new dimension.

Good time for the single natives to convey their heartfelt emotions to the person whom they have a liking for, as it is very much likely that they will get an affirmative response in return.

Married natives might see their relationship heading back on track, as both of you will be willing to resolve the differences that erupted in the past. The planetary position also indicates that you will get adequate support from your wife, emotionally and financially, both. Try and spend as much time as you can with them, and try to put their needs ahead of yours. This will further enhance your relationships and help to form a special bond in the relationship between you two, so do not waste this opportunity.

According to the horoscope, all Aquarians must not give higher priority to their love life. Have equal weightage for your work life, your partner, and your personal life. Only then you can be truly happy.

Don’t let your friends and family make you choose between your work and them. No matter what you go with, you will regret it later. Also, don’t let the stress from your work life interfere with your private life. If you are going through an emotional meltdown, everything will go back to normal within the first 10 days of December.

You will be happy with your love life. At the same time, you will be excited about Christmas eve. If you see that things aren’t going the way you wanted them to, don’t panic. Don’t ty to fix them either. Let them follow their natural course, and by the end of December you will feel fully relaxed.

If you are still single, you should stay cautious during December. Before you reach December 15th, you will grow frustrated with being single. But don’t blame your destiny. Be serious about your life, and it will resonate with your actions. Once you have a formal outlook towards life, the right partner will feel attracted to you.

You need to control everything, your private life, your love life, and your professional life. Your loved ones are pointing it out. They would like to take advantage of you without your activities interfering with the private sector. Small explanations are to be expected. Around December 10th everything is back to normal, thanks to the support of your family you find your balance. A beautiful complicity is present in your relationship, the Christmas period brings you closer, everyone is willingly involved in their role as spouse. If small details upset your plans, you find the right words and the situation calms down. Until the 31st the atmosphere is soft and warm. Singles are wary but not for very long. It seems that around December 15th you are forcing fate. If that is not your style usually, it turns out you want to change your habits. You provoke a meeting. You should very soon formalize it.

According to sunsigns, Aquarius compatibility can be enhanced by regulating all aspects of your life. Your love life should not be spoiled with interference from your professional problems. Love life will be harmonious after the 10th.

Married life will be affectionate and will improve further as the month progresses. You will not allow any problems to flare up by your diplomacy. Love will be gentle and friendly throughout the month with scope for pregnancy.

Single persons are cautious towards forming relationships of love during the first two weeks of the month. After that you are enthusiastic about forming relationships and will be successful.

Aquarius Relationship Horoscope

For the Aquarius Moon sign, the aspect of the ascendant lord Saturn on the second house and second house lord Jupiter present in the ascendant indicates that this month will provide interesting results as far as family is concerned. You are advised to spend quality time with your family members, this will bring betterment in terms of family relationships.

Planning a small get together or hosting some auspicious event at your place is likely to bring you close to your family members. However, younger siblings are likely to receive promotions and increments in their respective fields. They will get the right opportunities to grow during this month.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: December, 2021
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December 2021. Photo: vietnamtimes.

The position of the Sun and Mercury in your eleventh house having an aspect on the fifth house may result in you enjoying a blissful relationship with your kids. This position also indicates that you will be actively involved in religious and philanthropic activities, increasing your name and fame in the society.

The presence of the lord of the fourth house in the 12th with the 12th house lord indicates that the health of your mother may remain in low spirits during this month. So, take proper care of her. The relationships with the father are likely to improve, however, certain differences over small matters cannot be ruled out. The planetary positions are also indicating beneficial results or profits from the spouse’s family or from your in-laws’ side.

Aquarians will enjoy peace and joy in December, as Skyhoroscope reported. Bigger family meetups will be more or less a duty to you, but you will really enjoy a time with your closest ones, and you will think back to some shared moments from the past. Also, do not attend too many meetings with your friends because you will have tendencies to get involved in conflicts, so rather try to avoid them. December will be difficult. Aquarians are usually untamed and impulsive, so traditions and "compulsory" family reunions bother them, and therefore they show their attitude. Such behavior can provoke gossip and worsen relationships between the relatives. Therefore, you should consider whether it would not be better to find an excuse and not come to such meetings or disappear discreetly as soon as possible.

This coming month, the prospects for your family welfare are quite bright, since the stars are in a favorable mood. The elders of the family would be quite pleased with your conduct and in return whole-heartedly bless you. In fact, some of you can look forward to sizeable gains from them.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: December, 2021
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December 2021. Photo: VNT

According to pandit, you all can expect to do fairly well financially, with a definite rise in the overall family income. In addition, the family atmosphere would also remain pleasant, with harmony among the members, and not a note of discord to be heard.

A month during which the affairs of your children are unlikely coast along smoothly since the stars are not favorably disposed. The performance of the wards of most of you at studies would tend to be below average and many of them may need a lot of extra help to get along. Those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching.

Those pursuing some practical trade or apprenticeship etc. may do relatively better. In fact, most of them may display a higher than normal level of skills with their hands. This would be the saving grace of sorts for this month.

2021 horoscope for the 12 months is extremely congenial for family relationships. Planetary aspects are supportive and there will be harmony among family members. Senior members will encourage your activities and they will get their due respect. Family finances are excellent and there will be contributions from other members.

Star positions are not auspicious for the activities of children and their academic performance will be below par. Clearing competitive tests will require more instructions and effort. Parents should monitor their activities and guide them towards success in their studies.

Important numbers: 6, 9, 12

December important dates: 10, 14, 19, 22, 27

Horoscope December special note:

"The beginning of the month will be the best time to start a new venture. You direct attention to yourself and your private matters."

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